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Woman in Pink Bathingsuit, 1991 Acrylic & Ink On Paper 12 X 19 X 2.5 Inches © JANET RESTINO
Philly Woman, 1991 Acrylic, Ink, Collage On Paper 36 X 28 X 2. Inches © JANET RESTINO
Nude Standing in Red Sun, 2000 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 6.5 X 7.75" In 10 X 11.25" Wood Frame © Janet Restino
Reclining Nude/red sheets, 2000 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 5 X 7 3/8" In 9 1/8 X 11" Wood Frame © Janet Restino
Seated Nude, Pink background, 2007 Pencil, Watercolor On Cotton Rag Tracing Paper 16 X 19.5" Framed 24 X 28 Hardwood Frame © Janet Restino
LUCILLE Love Poem #9 , 2009 Ink And Watercolor On Paper 7.25 X 5.25 X .5 Inches © JANET RESTINO
LOLA, 2011 Ink On Paper (Envelope 5.25 X 7.25" © JANET RESTIO
LAYLA , 2002 Ink On Paper 8.5 X 5.75" © JANET RESTINO
LILA, 2011 Ink On Paper (Envelope) 5.25 X 7.25" © Janet Restino
NUDE BY THE WATER, 1992 Ink And Watercolor On Paper 8.5 X 11" © JANET RESTINO
2 Nudes in red white & blue, 1992 Watercolor And Ink On Paper 7.5" X 9.5" In 11.5 X 14.5" Gold Frame © Janet Restino
Nude Sleeping, 1990 Ink On Paper Drawn With Q Tip 8.5" X 11.5" © JANET RESTINO
Woman Praying, 1982 Ink And Watercolor On Paper 6.25 X 6" © Janet Restino
Brown nude on elbow, 2008 Ink, Acrylic, On Paper 4.75 X 6.75" In 8x10" Mat And Gold Metal Frame © JANET RESTINO
Nude in Green Forest, 2012 Acrylic On Paper 11" X 11" On 11 By 13" Paper © Janet Restino
Eve with big snake in trees, 1992 Watercolor Gouche And Ink On Paper 4" X 6" © Janet Restino
SWEET LADY'S BACK, 1991 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 7 X 4.5" Matted In 11 X 13" Antique Carved Wood Frame © Janet Restino
Billie sketch from photo, 1989 Ink On Paper 7.5 X 6" © Janet Restino
DRUMMER'S HEAD, 2013 Acrylic, Ink On Paper 9 X 12" © JANET RESTINO
Charles, 1988 Acrylic, Ink On Paper 18 X 24" © Janet Restino
Happy Birthday Duke, 1989 Charcoal & Pastel On Paper 30 X 25 X 1 Inches © JANET RESTINO
Pavarotti, 2009 Ink And Acrylic On Paper 18 X 24" © Janet Restino
I Love a Piano!, 1992 Acrylic And Ink On Paper 10 X 10" © Janet Resitno
Modern Dancer, 1991 Acrylic And Charcoal On Paper 28 X 28.5" Framed (Blonde Hardwood) © Janet Restino
Trio at Bradleys, 1990 Pastel, Chalk, Ink On Rag Paper 8 X 9" © Janet Restino
Jazz Duo, 1990 Pastel, Chalk, Ink On Rag Paper 9 X 9" © Janet Restino
The Band - Jazz at St. Peters, 1991 Acrylic, Ink On Paper 29.5 X 20.25" Framed, Blonde Hardwood © Janet Restino
Shadow in the Sky, 1979 Watercolor, Pencil, Gouache On Paper 6 7/8" X 7 3/4" © Janet Restino
Dreams of Celestial Joy (Magic Hand), 1979 Watercolor, Pencil On Paper 4 1/2 X 5 1/8" © Janet Restino
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Hells Kitchen, NYC
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Hells Kitchen, NYC
Temple University, Phila PA
Penna academy of the Fine Arts
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video, performance, Spoken Word Performance, works-on-paper, multi-discplinary performance mixed-media modern, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, modern, photography, digital, exhibition/performance, Illustration, design, photo
Artist Statement



I've got my heart, hands and head in many media. With piano as my first love, I later found more loves – sculpture, drawing, painting and photography.  And in 2013, I  produced and hosted  an Internet Radio Show called Heart & Soul on featuring the music, poetry and art of NYC artists and performers and as well as myself  on air LIVE with interviews and music.

Formally trained as a sculptor, my two dimensional work jumps off the wall. Some artwork is created for and about musicians, done while listening and inspired by them. 
The human figure, nature and peace are my subjects.

I've always been committed to creating art that is affirmative... inspired by beauty, harmony, a dash of dissonance,  curvilinear notions, irony, fresh air, full moons.  And inspired to speak out against war & injustice.

I exhibit primarily in New York, participating in Group Shows and Arts Events.

I've  been writing since Art School, publish and perform as a singer/songwriter/poet Off Off Broadway. My poetry and lyrics also find their way into my images  especially the ink drawings of nudes – adding a literary component and taking sensual visuals to a cerebral plane.

Coming to NYC in the 80’s from Philadelphia,  I “bopped around” various neighborhoods in the East and West Village and Brooklyn until settling in Hells Kitchen in the early 90’s where I create out of the chaos of Times Square.

I also now print and publish over 200 of my images as blank note cards and prints, selling to  shops in NYC, including in the Theater District.

I'm not much different than a bee making honey, a spider spinning a web…while I'm mining the psyche and the spirit to make art.

I'm an intuitive, instinctual, often impulsive and a thoughtful artist, steeped in visual history from cave drawings to cartoons, from Willendorfs to windmills, frescos to figleafs, Polaroids to pixels.

I’m just a vessel at times – keeping myself able to participate in the act of creation which so many times feels truly divine.
Sometimes I move the hand…sometimes the hand moves me and I see tangible evidence.
I did that? Well I must have…it’s in my sketchbook and this one’s been there for 30 years…I forgot I did it.

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