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My beautiful home, Dec 2008 Mixed Media 22 X 28 Cm © by the artists
© Courtesy of Strychnin Gallery
© Courtesy of Strychnin Gallery
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mixed-media, installation, publication, modern, graffiti/street-art, gallery, conceptual, sculpture

Skateboarding, graphic design, illustration, art – these forms of expression are linked in an almost classical way with today’s street –culture.
For more than two decades, skateboarding has been part of the life of Christian Rothenhagen and directed his interest towards illustration and design – and spawned the
small, unexcited work / label / output „deerBLN“.
This moniker corresponds to himself, his friends and a small circle of interested people – and to the city, never absent in the artwork of Christian Rothenhagen.
It’s also the vision of a native Berliner referring to urban changes in the old walled city.
The works of Christian Rothenhagen confront his urban surroundings – the decay, conurbation and agglomeration.
The style in which he presents his works is a crossover of design and art.
He lets his viewers enter the street life of Berlin. The drawings are a map of Berlin, the way it is and what it's changing into.
You experience the inside, feel the edges and learn to really see  the dark corners known as the desolate and unfriendly urban areas.
Christian relates to his city and shows the changes and fragments.
To watch the demolition of a building, which was part of  his youth and see a new one,  arising at the same spot shows the development the city is experiencing.


That’s how Christian Rothenhagen addresses his native city Berlin. Living there for more than three decades now he has a lot to tell – via graphic-design, illustration and art-installations.
Founded in 2004 “deerBLN” serves primarily as an output to distribute his art, his personal perception and impression of his surroundings.
In 2004 Christian founded “deerBLN” as an output, a medium to distribute his art via shirts or goods that will fit to his personal signature. The mad limited runs of selected items clearly signalize the importance of his artistic focus, disregarding all aspects of a typical label.

Christian started his first clothing company back in 1990, named “Feelin’Z”. The intention was to deliver fine garments to Germany’s skateboarding youth at a time when the market was predominantly flooded with US American brands. “Feelin’Z’” initial range encompassed limited edition runs of T-shirts, pants, shirts, sweat-shirts and accessories like caps, beanies, and belts.
Feelin’Z was available in 15 selected stores throughout Germany – and represented by a team of renowned skaters.

However, within the next years Christian’s interest in art related projects grew constantly. Basically, it grew to the extent where he finally refrained from “Feelin’Z” in 1998 to pursue artistic life detached from the business side that got into skateboarding.

From that significant turn on Christian directed his artistic endeavors to illustrations and art-installations.
Several years and exhibitions later he turned into a freelance graphic-designer and illustrator.
Again doing his own label “deerBLN”, but now focusing on the artistic content.
Still living in Berlin, and still addressing the city and everybody around.


Selected Exhibitions...

before 2005 ...


• Berliner Kunstprojekt “TAKING PICTURES”, Group show
• Berliner Kunstprojekt, " ", Group show



• BREAD+butter, Berlin “WERKSTATT”, Group show, season A/W
• Knoth und Krüger gallery, Berlin “Installation - USELESS WOODEN THINGS“, solo show
• BREAD+butter, Berlin “WERKSTATT”, Group show and curation, season S/S,
“Installation - DEER AT HOME AND COFFEE“



• BREAD+butter, Berlin “WERKSTATT”, Group show, season A/W,
• A•rte/undenk “SECRET SHOWROOM No 1”, Cologne, Group show
• BREAD+butter, Barcelona/Spain “WERKSTATT”, Group show, season S/S 
• BREAD+butter, Berlin “WERKSTATT”, Group show, season S/S
Berlin for children with learning difficulties
• ROXY JAM 06, Biarritz/ France “exhibition“, cast display
featuring casts of the ROXY girls painted by European artists
• SKATEBOARD ART Group-Show at INOPERAble gallery, Vienna/ Austria
• LAST Mag/France, cover artwork, double page poster and artist feature
• Group show at deerBLN studio Berlin


• Customized Buddy Bear for “Gruene Woche” Fair Berlin
Solo show at “Knoth & Krueger gallery” Berlin
• STYLE AND THE FAMILY TUNES Magazine, artist feature
• Artist-Collaboration with, full clothing line
• SKATEBOARD ART 02, group show, Bucurest/ Romania
• Live painting at the ROXY JAM 07 in Biarritz/ France
• Cast painted for, auctioned at the ROXY JAM 07
• “AUGENWEIDE” studio show at deerBLN studio Berlin
• Live painting during the “ART ON SURFBOARDS” show
(Art on Foam | Spacejunk) at Gallery “art:ig”, Munich
• RIVIERA Magazine, San Diego/US, artist feature, BOMB LOVE BRIGADE
• Live painting at VERO MODA store opening Berlin



•  SURF Magazine Germany, artist feature
• “ABRISS”, solo show at gallery “open” Berlin
• 1size/1prize, group show at “SUPERPLAN” gallery Berlin
• CARHARTT-Store Berlin – Muralpainting
• “MY VIEW” solo show at Carhartt Store Berlin
• TIDE Surfagazin No. 012/2008 Germany, full length Interview
• Solo show at “Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund” Berlin, "BERLIN-DRAWINGS"
• "deerBLNproject show No. 1" at “SUPERPLAN” gallery Berlin
• RAUSCH Magazine, Interview/Artist feature, cover artwork
• “BERLIN DRAWINGS…” solo show at Bis Aufs Messer Berlin
• "deerBLNproject show No. 2" at “INOPERAble” gallery Vienna/Austria
• “VEHICLES OF EMANCIPATIONS”, group show, VARNISH Gallery, San Francisco