Albrecht Schnider

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Arts of Mirolli  
Albrecht Schnider at Galerie Bob van Orsouw November 19th, 2011 - February 4th, 2012
Posted 11/17/11
 My name is Miroslav Olickov with art name Mirolli. I am an Academic painter from city of Nis,Serbia. I was born on Sep 02.1951. in Nis where I finished High school of Art and after that I attended Art Academy in Skopje, Macedonia. I work in all art techniques but I prefer oil on canvas. I was a part of many mutual exhibitions and sold my artworks in many European countries, USA, Canada and Australia. I got a lot of prizes but the biggest prize of all is that people like my paintings. I have... [more]
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Albrecht Schnider at Galerie Thomas Schulte October 30th, 2010 - January 15th, 2011
Posted 10/24/10
  In the gallery's main exhibition space, Albrecht Schnider will show an unusually large group of his small-scale landscape paintings that have played a reoccurring role in his repertoire for more than 20 years. Schnider's periodical attention to small formats and the engagement with a regressing theme suggests a meditative process in which the artist composes sceneries of abstract fields of color with meticulous structure, dictating the act of painting with persistent control.... [more]