Alex Tennigkeit

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Der Hauch, 2010 Oil On Linen 60 X 50 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Jette Rudolph
Fluffy Tomb (K.), 2011 Öl Auf Leinen 60 X 50 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Jette Rudolph
You're Lookin' Good In That Gucci Bikini, 2004 Mixed Media On Paper 29,7 X 21 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
River Of Sorrow, 2004 Mixed Media On Paper 29,7 X 21 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Schwazer Edition (11.01.2008) , 2007 Sepia On Paper, Stained Glass Frame 38 X 29 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Untitled (from the Schwazer Edition), 2007 Sepia On Paper 29,7 X 21 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Selbst als Grüne Maske, 2010 Frottage, Mixed Media On Paper 42 X 29,7 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Bucket Girl , 2011 Mixed Media On Paper 29,7 X 21 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
California Knight, 2005 Oil On Canvas 200 X 180 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Essenz, 2010 Oil On Linen 190 X 300 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Prosthesis Flavour, 2009 Oil On Copper 20 X 10,5 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Pandora, 2007 Oil On Wood, Antique Glass 94 X 72 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Doing Time , 2011 Oil On Linen 80 X 60 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Untitled (Uhr ohne Zeiger), 2007 Oil On Wood, Light Bulbs 45 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
Doll of the World, 2011 Oil On Linen 60 X 50 Cm © Alex Tennigkeit
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Heilbronn, lebt und arbeitet
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In my work I extract, from an omnipresent flood of media, images and fuse them with (art-) historical references to create works of high symbolic content. Parallel to the antithetic philosophy of the Baroque towards life (Carpe Diem and Memento Mori), my imagery meanders between concrete existential themes and superficial motifs of desire, as they are represented in our present society.

I am committed to discover (slightly) morally-incorrect imagery from different visual sources, which I then internalize in order to transform within my work. My personal interpretation of these images juxtaposes with their direct representation. I return repeatedly to an established collection of images. My inner dialogue with my archive leads to the crystallization of particular, often tragic-comic themes.

I effect a confrontation between disparate motifs, wherein the tension creates pictorial content. The contrasting motifs appear ordered within the depicted architecture (their stage). Upon first glance one perceives the pseudo-narrative, which may be repulsive or seductive, and which is made up of an accumulation of disparate images. In the end, my works are based on an allegorical idea, which reflects a contradictory inner state, as well as the struggle between myself and the imagery. With various strategies of creating a distance from the depicted motifs, I create modern, subjective allegories.

The subjectively motivated themes are mirrored in the use of my own self, in either large figurative scenes or detailed single portraits, through an interpretation of an, often stereotypical, character. Thereby my body serves me as available artistic material. By painting myself, for example as a Nazi victim, I show the conflict between this persona and my individual character. The selected roles are in some way connected with my biography, but they also reflect the world I’m living in.

In my very personal engagement with themes of death, bodily injury, and violence, it is important to me to break up the shown sadness through irony. This irony is accelerated by the use of stereotypical and aggressive stylistic devices, such as an exaggeration past the threshold of pain. It is also an attempt to get to new pictorial inventions and to enable, through the creation of a subjective world, a new perspective on the seemingly familiar or the unseen.


* 1976 in Heilbronn, lebt und arbeitet | lives and works in Berlin

1996 – 2002 Studium an der | studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe bei | under Silvia Bächli und | and Andreas Slominski
2001/2002 Meisterschülerin bei | master-class student of Andreas Slominski


Moment of Silence, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

Para Bellum, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin
Open Space, Art Cologne

Flipside Arcadia, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin (Kat. | cat.)
Plus Ultra, mit | with Hidde van Schie, KWADRAT, Berlin
Outopia Prelude, Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Österreich/Austria (Kat. | cat)

Art Brulé, mit | with Nicole Bianchet, Le 9bis, St.Etienne
Tutti Frutti di Mare, mit | with Damien Deroubaix, WestGermany, Berlin

LARGER THAN LIFE, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin

PHOENIX – Life Reloaded, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin

Oh so random…, mit | with Marcus Sendlinger, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin
Mixed media, Columbus Art Foundation, Zußdorf (Kat. | cat.)

I love lonesome nights, Rheinhafen, Karlsruhe

I never get out of these Blues alive, Flugzeughangar / aircraft hanger, Karlsruhe


Bulbus oculi – my precious, kuratiert von / curated by  Nicole Bianchet, deWILLEM3, Vlissingen
Naked Factory, kuratiert von / curated by Thomas Henriksson, M3, Berlin
I Should Have Done That, Nest, Den Haag
Impressionismus außerhalb Frankreichs, kuratiert von / curated by K. Winichner, Berlin
La vallée patibulaire, kuratiert von | curated by Bittermann/Lorent/Suerkemper, Berlin

Lust for Life & Dance of Death. Olbricht Collection Kunsthalle Krems (Kat. | cat.)
Blickkontakte, Werke aus der Sammlung Rusche, Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie, Dessau
Zu Hause Kunst, kuratiert von | curated by Kerstin Wagener, Berlin
Alptraum, kuratiert von | curated by Sendlinger / Stuckey, The Transformer, Washington D.C.
Night of the Pawn, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig
Kasemir, Pagenkemper, Suerkemper, Tennigkeit, Jette Rudolph gallery, Berlin
Girloverkill II, curated by Iris van Dongen, studio Thomas Lerooy, Bethanien, Berlin

Warum ich kein Konservativer bin, Präsentation aus der Sammlung | Presentation of the
Collection Anna und Michael Haas, Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig (Kat. | cat.)
BIG IN JAPAN, Arcus Project, Ibaraki
Table Dancing, kuratiert von | curated by Geeske Bijker, FORGOTTEN BAR, Berlin
SEX RULES, kuratiert von | curated by Thomas Draschan und Robby Greif, Apartment Draschan, Vienna
Diesseits der Alpen: Hunger; Jenseits der Alpen: Durst, kuratiert von | curated by Klaus Winichner, Berlin

Techne, kuratiert von | curated by Gustav Kluge, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin (Kat. | cat.)
Knorke Gören, KWADRAT, Berlin
Gegen den Strich – Experimentierfeld Zeichnung, Bielefelder Kunstverein

Strange Brew, kuratiert von | curated by Wolfgang Schoppmann, max lang gallery, New York (Kat. | cat.)
Gegen den Strich, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Kat. | cat.)
What‘s up, kuratiert von | curated by Oliver Zybok, Museum der Stadt Ratingen (Kat. | cat.)
Bookish relations, kuratiert von | curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Berlin
Inky Toy Affinitas, kuratiert von | curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Cereal Art, Philadelphia

Die Jugend von Heute | The Youth of Today, kuratiert von / curated by Matthias Ulrich, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main (Kat. | cat.)
Wir hätten das Land gern weit und rund und sie…, Showroom Berlin (Kat. | cat.)
Leinzell Open, kuratiert von | curated by Axel Heil, Schloss Leinzell (Kat. | cat.)
Gtop8tä, mit | with Anselm Reyle, Jens Wolf, kuratiert von / curated by Jupp Eisele, Kunstverein Ravensburg (Kat. | cat.)

Cosmo-Logic, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin
Just Painting!, Columbus Art Foundation, HSH Nordbank AG, Hamburg
The Festival of Dreams – Part II, kuratiert von | curated by James Fuentes, Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, New York

Unplugged, Berlin
Alptraum, Berlin
TAKE CARE, Columbus Art Foundation, Kunsthaus Hamburg
DE-REALIZE Karlsruhe, kuratiert von | curated by Angelika Stepken, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (Kat. | cat.)
subversiv, sexy und stilvoll – Malerei heute, kuratiert von / curated by Klara Wallner, Galerie im Stadtmuseum Jena

KSC, mit | with Nicole Bianchet, Conni Brintzinger, Autocenter, Berlin
Wheeling, cell project space, London
Junges Forum, kuratiert von | curated by Nina Mücke, Guardini Galerie, Berlin
BANG BANG Berlin, bergstübl PROJEKTE, Berlin
SEVEREAL, Restitution, Berlin

PLEASING THOUGHTS, kuratiert von | curated by April Lamm, griedervonputtkamer, Berlin
DIE SUPERZELLE, im ehemaligen Kino | at the former cinema »Die Kamera«, Organisation:
Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
TopMeisterschülerInnen-Ausstellung, Kunstverein Offenburg (Kat. | cat.)

Die Vertreibung der Händler aus dem Tempel, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben Treptow, Berlin
Heinsteinwerke, Museumsnacht | museum night Heidelberg
Queens Hotel, Karlsruhe (Kat. | cat.)


Gastatelier | Guest studio at  the villa of Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg

Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg

URDLA, Aufenthalt in Druckwerkstatt | Printing Workshop, Lyon

Foundation B.a.d. Rotterdam, zweimonatiger Aufenthalt | Guest studio for two month

Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede | Residency at Schloss Bleckede artists’ studios
GVS – Förderpreis Junge Künstler | GVS prize for young artists

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