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Spiritual nature , 2008 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12" © 2008
The Beautiful land , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Sea Breeze , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Sea Melody , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Jazz , 2006 Oil /Acrylic On Canvas 12" X 10"
Landscape With Blue Flowers , 2008 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12"
Magic on the Sea of Galilee , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Coastal Village , 2008 Oil On Canvas 20" X 20"
Red Mountains , 2008 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12"
End of Summer , 2008 Oil On Canvas 20" X 20"
Fall , 2007 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20"
Quiet of the moment , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Sunrise on the beach , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Quiet of the Pasture , 2008 Oil On Canvas 20" X 20"
Morning in paradise , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Sunrise on the sand dunes , 2008 Oil On Canvas 24" X 12"
Fragrant Path , 2008 Oil On Canvas 16"X16"
Celebration of Life, 2008 Oil 16"X20" © @art by maya green
Dance Me To The End Of Love , 2008 Oil On Canvas 12x12" © ART BY MAYA GREEN
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mixed-media, pop, landscape, modern, figurative, gallery

Maya Green is an artist who achieves the effect of matching of intensive colors. Expression of emotional feelings of reality is well balanced in her art.
Artist is not an occupation for her, but a state of mind. On question why she is doing what she is doing  and what she wants to say, Maya Green answers, “I’m an artist because it’s my nature and in certain way my instinct; I can’t live the other way. When people see my paintings I’d like them to be happier and kinder.” Indeed, Maya’s paintings express emotions with a broad and rich texture. Expressive language of colors won’t leave anyone indifferent.
The usage of an interesting technique in combination with bright colors singles Maya out from other artists. Maya Green uses a palette knife because it allows applying pure color, delicate lines, and what is most important, to express energetic that none of the brushes can do. She paints in oils because they have a beautiful palette and give live, vivid colors. She tries to listen to her intuition when it comes to choosing color or light. Her favorite one is ultramarine because this is the color of the sky and sea and it’s just mesmerizing. “For me, the piece is completed when I have an irresistible feeling to walk into it and enjoy walking there, if the picture is scenery for example,” says Maya Green. She does everything differently from what she was taught because she believes that it’s impossible to teach to create art; it’s either existing inside of the artist or not.
There is a pattern of happiness in Maya’s works. She’d like to make others happy through her art. When her work is going well, she has a feeling of satisfaction. That means that she has something to share, something to give. She doesn’t take the decision to start creating a picture. The picture actually selects her to bring it into life into reality. According to Maya Green, during the process of creation of an art piece, she immerses into a different dimension where she loses the track of time; then she comes back either with a picture or not.
Many years spent in Tiberias Rivera have taken an impact on themes and a bright palette in Maya Green’s art pieces. Therefore, her pictures represent mainly landscapes. Answering on questions about her last collection, Maya Green emphasizes. “When I pass by beautiful sceneries, it’s never enough time to look at them through the window of a car. In my pictures, I try to catch the moment (stop the car) and give people the opportunity to look at that natural beauty and take a break from a daily routine. It’s important because people are so busy nowadays that they easily forget that they’re part of that beauty.” Maya’s pictures are full of light and color because the artist has proven that colors heal and provide inexhaustible positive energy.


"I have been an artist my whole life. Originally, I was born and raised in Ukraine and I first developed my love of art there. Since my childhood, I have been intrigued with the patterning of light and the interaction of color. I studied at the School of Art in Ukraine. On 1978 I graduated from the Facility of Art. In 1996 I moved to Israel and settled in Tiberias, where I continued to pursue my passion as an artist and sculptor.
Lived in Enakievo, Donetsk,Nizhnevartovsk ,Anapa,Tiberias ,New York, Saint Paul . Now, I live and work between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.
I consider myself as a global citizen .Painting connects me to the world and allows me to express myself and translate what I see and feel onto canvas and paper.The more I think about my art, the more I think is a gift from God and my mission is to share it."

Maya Green