Bea Garth

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Turtle's Complaint To Gaia, June 2015 Painting On Canvas 36" X 24" Inches © 2015
Joy, June 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 30" © 2015
Watching The Watchers, January 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 36" W X 24" Ht © 2015
Empathy, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas © 2014
What Did We Eat?, June 2015 Acrylic On Canvas/Mixed Media 36" W X 24" Ht © 2015
Rendezvous, 2013 Mixed Media 12" X 15" © 2013
At The Gallery, 2006 Ink On Paper © 2006
Life's Not Always Fair Gouache © 2015
Circle of Tenderness, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 30 X 24 X 1 Inches © 2015
Goldie, 2013 Acrylic On Paper 17 X 23 Inches © 2016
Intensity, 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 36" X 36" © 2015
The Fool, 2016 Acrylic On Paper 11 1/2" W X 17" Ht © 2016
Quick Facts
University of Oregon, 1971, BA

My  artwork tells stories about the Emotional Self, Physical Body, Human Relationships and our Spiritual Relationship with the Earth. I seem to be obsessed with exploring communication between people while at the same time expressing the reaches of my unconscious. My work often explores the Archetypes inspired by events and dreams in my own life and those I observe around me, as well as, at times, some of the great issues of the planet. 

For me, life has never been easy, however at the same time, I have always appreciated the many gifts and opportunities I have had. I was hurt by a traumatic accident when I was six, so by necessity I came in contact with Spirit in order to deal with it. At the same time I was exposed to both ancient world art and many of the healing beliefs of the past due to my parents sharing what they knew from their work as anthropologists.

It is thus not surprising that I eventually discovered the  healing, transformative power of expressing myself through art–and that some of the patterns and energy of the ancient world comes through, although often in a  narrative visionary surrealistic way.

My artwork often goes back and forth between pattern and simplicity. As I work, I become more aware of body language and the nuances of experience and what that can imply in combination with story and sensation, thus allowing my unconscious to express  more feeling. My exaggerations of body parts expresses my tendency to imagine what the body feels like in different positions, as well as suggesting my own over-flexible joints. I also use this exaggeration as a technique to express emotion while playing with the harmonies and tensions of the composition.

Much like the Ancients’ principle of microcosm reflecting macrocosm, I believe the Personal — when delved into deeply enough — transcends itself through Art to the Universal.   I find there is great healing power and magic in  following my unconscious-driven narrative expression, which thankfully seems to reach others.


Bea Garth

editor of Eos: The Creative Context (

former President of Quicksilver Artists and San Jose Art League

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