Christopher Moonlight

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Third Eye Of Ecstasy, 05-29-2011 Acrylic On Wood © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Red and Green Sensuality #1, 05-26-2011 Acrylic On Wood © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Alas Ram and Her Pet, 2009 Mixed © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Fortune Teller, 2009 Mixed © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
How The Mermaid Feels, 2005 Mixed © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Demise of Venus, 2008 Mixed © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
War Within, 09-20-2010 Acrylic 16 X 10 X .5 Inches © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
The Listener , 2008 Mixed On Wood © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Mermaid Swamp, 2011 Mixed On Wood © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Hydra, 2005 Mixed © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Hope, 2004 Mixed © Christopher Moonlight
Calypso #2 Pencil Sketch And Photoshop © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Bloom, 2010 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
To Far Gone, 2010 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Fear of Sex, 2010 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Horned Fairy, 12-08-2012 Watercolor And Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Horned Gorgon, 11-01-2012 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
The Witch, 11-01-2012 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
The Mummy's Cat, 12-08-2012 Digital © Christopher "Moonlight" Cooksey
Moonlight Art Magazine #1
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Austin, TX
goth mixed-media, black, cat, moonlight, gallery, figurative, conceptual, pop, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital

I started out doing artwork and comic book stories for my own zines, in my late teens and early 20's. I did a goth zine called Mary's Mother's Scream, where I interviewed bands and did a comic called The Black Lipstick Curse. It was a young goth's in love kind of thing, but it also had a little bit of a theme of their romanticized ideas about death being obliterated by their confrontations with real world death. Even after I stopped focusing purely on goth, I've kept that theme. Death is monstrous to me. Whey we condemn or shame open sexuality and love while our media embraces so much death, is a mystery to me. I hope there's a life after death, but what if we only have this small and unknowable amount of time, only to not exist for all the rest of all eternity? I want my art to reflect the shame of that struggle, between our destructive side and our feminine side, while our time passes forever away from us. We should be spending all of our time creating and loving one and other, while we have the chance. Killing each other is just stupid and horrid. Anyway, I did the gallery thing for a while before the economy tanked, showing at galleries in Los Angales like The Hive and The Black Cat. After that, I got into indie movie making, which you can check out, here... I'm also doing my own art magazine, with comics in it, called Moonlight Art Magazine which you can look at here... Only the blog link works on that, right now. I'm embracing all media, and hope to mix painting, sculpting, model building, computers, video, and film into one. I really just want to keep creating and telling stories as an artist, while my heart is still beating.