Emily Greenberg

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Earlier this month, London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz made headlines with his 3D-printed "nano" sculptures. Each sculpture is approximately 80 x 100 x 20 microns—so small that they can only be viewed using an electron microscope.  The sculptures are an impressive, ambitious use of 3D printing technology in fine art. With help from the Weizemann Institute of Technology, Hurwitz used over 200 cameras and a groundbreaking 3D printing technique referred to on his website as “Multiphoton... [more]
Giving Up Control: Two Artists Who Do Drones Differently   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Addie Wagenknecht at bitforms gallery November 2nd, 2014 - December 7th, 2014
Posted 11/10/14
Two recent New York exhibitions put a new spin on the specter of the drone within art and technology. This past Saturday was the last day to see Rick Silva's solo show of drone art at Transfer Gallery in Bushwick. Meanwhile, across the East River, bitforms gallery presented its second week of Shellshocked with four drone pieces by Addie Wagenknecht. Wagenknecht and Silva join a long list of contemporary artists making drone art, but the ways they approach drones are decidedly innovative. Most... [more]