Tm Gratkowski

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Comfort Zone, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Senseless Games, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Uncapital Punishment, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Exacerbated Domesticity, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Situational Officialdom, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Hit Or Miss Algorithm, 2007 Paper On Paper 44 X 60 In
A Love Supreme, 2008 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
sprawLA, 2007 Paper On Paper 74"X60"
Vocal Minority, 2009 Paper On Wood Diptych 20" X10"
Consume Poverty, 2008 Paper Diptych On Wood 10"X20"X1.5"
Social Epistemology, 2009 Paper On Wood Diptych 20" X10"
Social Injustice, 2008 Paper On Wood Diptych 20" X10"
Natural Selection, 2008 Paper On Wood Diptych
Egression-5, 2009 Paper On Paper 14" X 20"
Egression-4, 2009 Paper On Paper 14" X 20"
Egression-3, 2009 Paper On Paper 14" X 20"
Egression-2, 2009 Paper On Paper 14" X 20"
Egression-1, 2009 Paper On Paper 14" X 20"
Abstract Narrative, 2007 Paper On Paper 42"X60"
Mail Order Victim, 2007 Paper On Paper 42"X60"
Religious Evolution, 2006 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Media Less Words, 2006 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
Human Cuts, 2007 Paper On Paper 44"X60"
The End Of Fabulous Free, 2008 Paper On Paper 30"X30"
With He The Flow Witholding Forward, 2008 Paper On Paper 30"X30"
More Traditional Art Was Nothing But Free Juice, 2008 Paper On Paper 30"X30"
Wanted Her Pattern Behavior Built, 2008 Paper On Paper 30"X30"
Traction Ave At Rose, 2007 Paper On Telephone Pole 48"X18"
Trust Desire Support, 2007 Paper On Paper Bags (3) At 12"X5"X4.5" Ea.
Debris Flow (a.k.a. Mud Slide), 2007 Paper On Wood 6.5"X6.5"X1.5"
Jam, 2007 Paper On Wood 6.5"X6.5"X1.5"
Santa Ana Winds, 2007 Paper On Wood 6.5"X6.5"X1.5"
556 Veils, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Anamnesis, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Sudden Dissapearance, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Ephemeral Flora, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Memorium, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Whitewashed, 2007 Paper On Paper 19"X19"
Homoginized Lies, 2007 Paper On 30 Wood Blocks 19"X23"
Scramble, 2007 Paper On 30 Wood Blocks 19"X23"
One, 2007-08 Paper On 365 Wood Blocks 63"X92"
Another One, 2008-09 Paper On 366 Wood Blocks (Leap Year) 63"X92"
Last One, 2009-10 Paper On 365 Wood Blocks 63"X02" © TRG 2009
One (detail) Paper On Wood (365 Wood Blocks)
Flaunt Paper Surface, 2008 Paper Magazines On Wood 38"X49"
Popy, 2007 Paper On 40 Post Cards 4"X6"X1"
Fuel, 2007 Paper On 40 Post Cards 4"X6"X1"
Consume, 2007 Paper On 40 Post Cards 4"X6"X1"
Scrap-15, 2007 Paper On Chip Board 8.5"X5.5"
Scrap-12, 2007 Paper On Chip Board 8.5"X5.5"
Scrap-18, 2007 Paper On Chip Board 8.5"X5.5"
Another One , 2007-8 Paper On 366 3"X3"X5/8" Wood Blocks 7' 6"X5' 3"
Comfort Zone Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
Capital Punishment Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
Exacerbated Domesticity Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
Situational Officialdom Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
A Love Supreme Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
Senseless Games Paper On Paper Collage 60in X 40in
Apathetic Empathy Paper On Paper Collage 44in X 60in
Belief Systems Paper On Paper Collage 44in X 60in
Deflated Materialism Paper On Paper Collage 44in X 60in
Quick Facts
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles
paper mixed-media, collage installation, graffiti/street-art


After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Hoschule fur Agawandte Kunst in Vienna. Tm went onto receive a BS and a BFA from UW and a MA from SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. He has spent most of his career as an artist working to develop techniques attributed to painting and drawing then applies them to unrelated materials.

Tm's primary source of material comes from recycled and reclaimed material, often found on the street. He has always sought out the unexplained, the curious, the strange, and the undefined within popular culture. Searching to reexamine and question systems and meanings that usually go unnoticed and are taken for granted, his investigations have led him to the disciplines of science, medicine, literature, popular and not-so-popular culture to explore the polarities and interpretations of belief systems.

Recent Activity:

In December of 2007 Tm was included in the “California Open Show” Curated by Howard Fox of LACMA and in April of 2005 he was included in the “California Emerging Artist” show, which was a juried exhibition made of museum curators and artists. His work has appeared in various publications including, SPACE Magazine August 2007, New Angeles Magazine August 2007, Angeleno July 2007, Art LTD July 2007, Best of California Artists  vol. 1. 2007(Kennedy Publishing), Fringe Magazine 2006 and 2006, Be Which Magazine 2006, and the cover of the Carnegie Hall 2007 Playbill, among others. Tm is the 2011 recipient of the CCI ARC Grant. Tm currently lives in Los Angeles CA and is represented by Blythe Projects in Culver City, CA.


Solo Show: “WHITE OUT”; Blythe Projects – Culver City, CA. September 10- October 22, 2011

Solo Show: “Palimpsest”; Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. October 15 -November 12, 2011

Solo Show: “Accumulation”; G.L. Gallery Whittier College- January 2- February 10, 2012.

Armory Center for the Arts- Pasadena, CA June27- August 22, 2010- “International Mail Art Exhibition” Curated by Jay Belloli

Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. March 20 – April 16, 2010- “Wrathful Battle Aspect”  Curated by Michelle Pobar- Director for Honor Fraser Gallery.

Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. December 12 2009 – January 8, 2010- “Open Show 2009”. Curated by Apsara DiQuinzo- Assistant Curator of SFMOMA

Tar Fest 2009 – KCCLA Los Angeles, CA. September 25- October 9, 2009- Curated By Rita Gonzales (curator of American Art at LACMA)

“Beyond Eden Contemporary Art Fair”, Los Angeles, CA. October, 2009- Featured Artist of LA Municipal Art Gallery – Curated by Mark Greenfield

Lark Gallery- Long Beach, CA. August 15 – September 19, 2009- “Hidden Treasures”- Juror: Peter Frank. Winner- Jurors prize/ Honorable Mention.

LA Municipal Art Gallery – “Open Show 2009”, Los Angeles, CA. August 13- September 27, 2009- Curated by Mark Greenfield (director of LAMG)

LouWe Gallery – Pasadena, CA July 25 – September 6, 2009 “Gallery Artist Invitational”

Korean Cultural Museum – Los Angeles, CA. April 10-30 2009- “17 Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition” Juried by: Alma Ruiz (Curator Contemporary Art MOCA) and Marc Pally (Artistic Director Santa Monica)

Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. January – January 31-Feb 27, 2009- Solo Show: “Paradigm Shift”

Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. December 13 – January 16 2008-9- “Open Show 2008-California Artisits” . Curated By David Pagel- Art Critic/ Los Angeles Times

Gallery 825 – Los Angeles, CA. December 8 – January 11 2007-08- “Novella” Group Show. Curated By Meg Lipton at Otis’ Ben Maltz Gallery

Tar Fest 2008 – KCCLA Los Angeles, CA. September 20- October 11, 2008- Curated By Howard Fox –LACMA Curator of Contemporary Art and Senior Curatorial Fellow

Gallery 825 - Los Angeles, CA. January - February, 2009Solo Show: "Paradigm Shift" (working title)

LouWe Gallery - Pasadena, CA June 28 - August 10, 2008Solo Show: "Scraps"

Gallery 825 - Los Angeles, CA. December 8 - January 11 2007-8"Open Show 2007- Southern California Artisits" - Juror's Prize.Curated By Howard Fox- Curator of Modern Art at LACMA

Metro Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. July 14 - August 18  2007Solo Show: "Pattern Language and Paper Cuts"

Gallery 825- Los Angeles CA, May 12- June 8 2007Group Show: "Crackerjack" Juried by Jay Belloli Director of Exhibitions of the Pasadena Armory

Korean Cultural Museum - Los Angeles, CA. April 6-May 2007"15 Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition" Juried by: Sara Cochran (Curator Modern &Contemporary Art LACMA) and Ann Klonarides (UCLA and Cal Arts Prof., Getty)

Michael Napoliello Gallery - Hermosa Beach, CA. Feb 8th- April14 2007"Winter Biannual" Juried by: Susan Cross at MASS MoCA

Barnsdall Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. January 2007

Gallery 825 - Los Angeles, CA December 2006Group Show: "Small Works"

The Hive Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. Dec 2 - Jan 7, 2006Group Show: "Dolls, Dolls, Dolls"

Gallery 825- Los Angeles CA, December 1 2006Group Show: "Petit Works"

TAG Gallery - Santa Monica, CA. August 19- September 15 2006Group Show: "California Open Exhibit"

Gallery 8 - Phoenix AZ. August 4th - September 8 2006

Metro Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. March - April  2006Group Show (4 person): "Out of Context"

Barnsdall Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. January 2006

Pharmaka Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. December 2005Juried Group Show: "Small Wonders"

Tar Fest 2005 - Los Angeles, CA. 2005Closing Exhibition, curated by James Panozzo of Lawrence Ascher Gallery

Studio A3 @ the Brewery - Los Angeles, CA.  Aug 5- Sept 5 2005Group Show (4 person): "Lost and Found" Collage and Assemblage

Backstreet Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. June 2005Group Show -"Honorary Best in Show Award",

The Hive Gallery - Group Show, Los Angeles, CA. May 7 - June 15, 2005

Gallery Yoramgil, "Art Seen": New Emerging Artist in Los Angeles. March 2005Judges: Catherine Opie (Artist), James Elaine (UCLA Hammer Museum Director), Howard Fox (LACMA Curator), Andrea Feldman (Curator Ovitz Family Collection), Deborah McLeod (Christies Vice President)

M.J. Higgins Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Feb 5 - March 7 2005Group Show (4 person): LA Gallery Artists

Gallery Tempest, San Francisco, CA. Feb 12 - March 30 2005Invitational Juried Show by Diane Tempest

Harnett Hall Gallery, North Dakota. Jan.12 - Feb. 22  2005"Americas 2000 Paper Works Competition" Juror: Kim W. Fink

Lankershim Art Gallery, North Hollywood, CA. Nov.-Dec. 2004Juried show: "Cerebral Candy".

Alameda Art Center, Alameda CA. Sept. 3-23, 2004Juried show:  "Sacred Images" by - Paula Bailey ,Director, Artworks Downtown.

Pro Artrs Gallery, Oakland CA. July 21-Aug 29, 2004California Emerging Artists Show:  "New Visions: Introductions ‘04".Juried Show: by Rene DiRosa and Jack Rasmussen

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland CA. April 15-June 15, 2004Group Show:  "EBOS" .

ARTSF/ Capp St Space San Francisco, CA. March 13-31, 2004.Invitational: "Gallery Artist Show" 

Barton Gallery, Sacramento, CA. January 15- February 15 2004Group Show: "Architects Art" currated by: Carol Davydova.

UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA. February15 - April 30, 2004Group show: "Vagina Monologues" curated by Lara Rinzler.

Lit'l Lizzards, San Francisco, CA. October 2003Group Show: "Infantile Art Show" curated by Andrea Frost.

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA. October15 - November 25, 2003Group Show: " Missing Persons".

Cell Space, San Francisco, CA. October 20 - November 15, 2003Group Show: "Constructed Reconstructivism" curated by Kim Carlson.

Echo Park Arts Festival, Los Angeles, CA. Sept 15- Oct 14, 2001Invitational Group Show (6 person): "Fire House Show" curated by Paige Payne.

SFA Gallery, Nacoqoches TX. April 2000Juried Show:"Texas National", the Art Guys: Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing.

Miller/Durazo, Los Angeles CA. April 2000.Juried Show: "Wall Space".

Cruz LA Gallery, Los Angeles CA. October 1999Juried Show: "100 Back and White International".

Kennilworth Gallery, Brooklyn N.Y. October 1999Juried Show: "Kennilworth Showcase".

Aedes Gallery, Berlin Germany. July 1996Invitational Show: "Innovatiion".

Anthenium, Chicago, IL. May 1993Juried Show: 3rd place."en Charette".

LRC Gallery, Madison WI. June 1993Juried Show: "Arts Council National".

Spisske' Museum, Levoca Slovakia. October 1993Invitational: "Vystava ‘93"

Uihelein Peters Gallery, Milwaukee WI. September 1993Juried Show: "True Blue"- Traveling Exhibition.

Union Gallery, Milwaukee WI. April 1992Invitational:  "Culmination" Outstanding Jurors Award.

Union Gallery, Milwaukee WI. October 1992Invitational Group Show (5 person): "Party of Five".

Fine Arts Gallery, Milwaukee WI. (Annual)1989-91Annual Art Show:  "Best of Show".


SCI-Arc MA 1996.

Hoschule fur Agawandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria, 1994.

University of Wisconsin, BS 1992.

University of Wisconsin, BA 1991.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1985-6.


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