muriel soriano

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water, 2011 Acrylic On Wood 100 X 50 Cm © yes
Drifting, 2010 Oil On Canvas 100 X 50 Cm © yes
Shaman, 2006 Oil On Canvas 60cm X 80cm © yes
All Friends, Sept 2008 Oil On Canvas 80x80cm © yes
The Offering, 2008 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm © yes
osmosis Oil On Canvas 80 X 60 Cm
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ealing art school, london, 1972, integrated design
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Art Circuit, Rennes, france
oil-based, colour, fauna, Portraits painting, figurative, conceptual

I was born in Paris during the summer of 1950. My parents were of mixed nationalities. 1951 I moved to New York and since that early age I have always been interested in the diversity of cultures and the multiple colours of the world. Travel has been an extensive part of my life.

My recent work is a reflection on the transient aspects of humanity and their effects upon the environment, be it ecological, social or political. My aim is to create a mood setting and a sense of unreality from which the viewer can chose his own interpretation. The majority of my present work is oil on wooden board, allowing a physically dynamic interaction between the emerging artwork and myself.

As I never know ahead what new magic my board or canvas holds for me, my relationship with my work is much the same as travelling in a foreign land and discovering new ways of approaching life and it’s various challenges. My work is purely the product of my imagination. There is no outside subject to copy or interpret. Shapes literally emerges and appear as the paint slowly takes on different forms, textures and colours. And as in a new country, I am forced to watch and learn the new codes of communication with this new art-work : what message it may hold for me, what thoughts it triggers off, what memories it arouses.
As all these processes meander through me, the new painting is born, and me along with it.