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Dublin, Ireland
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I'm an Irish guy living and painting full-time, in the South of France.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and attended the National College of Art and Design, (NCAD). After graduation I worked as a graphic designer on many of Ireland's leading magazines.

I enjoyed graphic design but my desire was to paint. So I eased out of design and into art.

Whilst I love most types of abstract art, My passion is Geometric Expressionism.

When I paint, I try to portray situations in time and/or the mind state. As I begin building the base colour, I allow my mind to wander. I siphon my thoughts and allow a concept to form. I then translate the mental image, ( through the medium of paint ) onto the canvas using brushes and knives.

I usually complete a painting in one sitting (2 to 15 hours) without a break. I'ts only when the painting is finished, that I fully realise what I've done. If I'm not satisfied, it ends up in the bin (Trash).

I have given titles to most of my paintings but my art is open to the viewers' interpretations. I use strong primary colours to create positivity and sometimes I introduce a soft colour to "calm" the painting.

I like my art to be "Thought Provoking" and "Positive".