Ivette Cabrera

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Odessa Archival Pen, Ink And Marker 8 X 10 © 2014
Akiram , 2014 Archival Pen, Ink And Marker On Paper 8 X 10 © 2014
Into the Light , 2014 Archival Pen, Ink And Marker On Paper 10 X 19 © 2014
Nemesis , 2013 Archival Pen, Ink And Marker On Paper 8 X 10 © 2013
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My work is meant to address identity but most importantly roles of women within various cultures and societies. Usually the only way to have major importance and power is to be born into it and with that comes a symbolic headdress that signifies a woman's status.

In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it indicated their wealth and power and defined their influence within that society regardless of what gender, race or religion they were born into. My intent is to abstract that headdress and show that every woman wears a crown or headdress of importance if she were only to be aware of herself.


Born in Managua, Nicaragua I migrated at a young age to the United States during the Nicaraguan Sandinista revolution and was raised by my single mother in Miami, Florida. My mother was always my major influence growing up. She started her own business and struggled to pay bills but managed to overcome being a single woman raising 3 kids on her own who didnt speak a word of English. She fled Nicaragua during one of the worst times for the country, an earthquake had devastated the country leaving many impoverished and thousands dead, soon after the government was overrun by rebels demanding equal rights and land for the people. wars broke out and many young men would dissapear off the streets and many found dead. the economic situation for the country left no food or medicine so my mother fled to save her own life as well as her childrens.

She crossed borders first with my brother then returning to retrieve my sister and i, she crossed a river with my sister on her back and me on a tire with water up to her nose and finally touched ground in Texas. with about $500 she made her new life in the states. growing up she was hardly around, working 70 hour weeks and sleeping on a mattress on the floor of her business to be able to manage it. my sister became my second mom, teaching me to look after myself and helping me with school.

My interest in art came from attending local art walks in Miami with friends from high school but ultimately my major interest was psychology, architecture and philosophy which came from reading my brothers college text books at a young age. I decided to study marketing in Chicago and then went off to study interior architecture and design after. I opened a gallery space in wynwood in 2007 with my partner at the time and we converted it into a live/work situation, hosing down with a garden hose in the back of the building for showers. I opened another space 5 years later in Wynwood with two friends of mine and we named it Viophilia. The open warehouse was renovated to build out 5 artists studios and an exhibit space to showcase our projects and works. i began working on my own style, using everything i learned from architecture.. I experimented with different forms and taught myself to draw for hours on end in my studio.

I was fascinated with different cultures and societies but most importantly the role of women, i noticed that my art began to shift towards bringing light and importance to women who were born in bad situations, the ones who could never escape their societies or repressive governments. I realized that in one way or another our importance was sometimes given by what we were born into. Women in royal families would wear crowns upon their heads yet every woman had the capability to become royal and important. I began to asbstractify that concept and bridge together regal beauty and structure.

I hope to tell a story, to give a glimpse, to give meaning to ones individual identity..