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Diana Marrone*, 1973, is journalist and pr. After advanced International relation studies and different professional experiences, she initiated pr/undercover while goes on with her activity of cultural planner.
As contributing editor she worked with Alias/Il Manifesto; BBC Radio, World Service; and New, De Agostini;, IDG Italia; La Repubblica Napoli; Rodeo Magazine;, Volume Magazine, NAI Publishing, b_books Berlin, among the others. She is co-founder and editorial director of Slow Words, People and Stories from this World.

A selection of the last art documentaries, instant movies and literature produced in the last years: 

Reconnecting Naples, we published for Volume Magazine (as editor in chief, fundraiser and organizer of a special newspaper on Naples)

What we wrote and issued for a public art show (Urbanism 2009, Liverpool England):

An audio novel, called Murillo

An art documentary:

Have ever you been down here before:

24 Ore a Napoli Est for N.EST (video producers), an in-field documentary:

An essay for b_books, Berlin:


pr/undercover was born on June, 2002 and is an initiative of Italian journalist and writer Diana Marrone. With its head offices in VeniceMilan and Naples the agency collaborates and works in the whole Italy (among the satellites, Rome, Bologna,  Turin, Genoa) and Europe (London, Paris, Munich, Berlin, BarcelonaMadrid), plus Tokyo (Japan).

pr/undercover sells strategic communication, media lobby, event design with an associative structure strong of relation and professional contacts with all the resources useful to deliver advanced press relation services, design and production of events, design of complex editorial projects (included market analysis, translations and editorial consultancy). The agency helps professionals and young designers to create and place industrial and limited edition design collections.

pr/undercover  works and produces in 3 European languages - Italian, English and French. For International media lobby the agency has German, Spanish and Japanese correspondent agents.

The agency works mainly in contemporary art and culture and helps curators and critics in events and exhibition production as fundraiser, executive producer, location finder (only in Italy).

pr/undercover worked and works for, among the others: 2° Moscow Biennial; Adidas; Bjcem; Dutch Embassy of The Netherlands (Rome); Artandgallery; varius artists (Alessandro Cimmino, Alessandra Cianelli, Valerio Rocco Orlando); Avatar41; Maarten Baas; Blindarte/Blindhouse; CAOSMOS/Cia Gabriella Riccio (dance company); Città della Scienza, Science Foundation; Domus Academy and Art Experience; Edizioni ZERO (publisher), EMBT Studio (Barcelona, architecture firm); Editoriale Domus S.p.A.; Galleria Pianissimo;  Fondazione Morra; Rock Galpin and Studio Orange (London); La Falegnameria di Olinda, Liverpool Biennial Ltd; HP: HypeGallery in Milan;  Killer Plastic Club, KME Group S.p.A.; JAMESPLUMB (London); N.EST Napoliest, On Communication Srl; PAN| Palazzo Arti Napoli; Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC); Sintesi Electronic Arts Festival; Stabiavela; Sail Italia Srl; Wonderware e Gruppo Invensys Plc,; Università degli Studi L'Orientale (University, Naples); Videominuto.

The agency serves also corporate communication and design, production of events for International fairs, such as Salone del Mobile (Milano design week), LDF and other fairs (Design Miami, Design Miami/Basel) where worked, among the others, for:

MMM/Metal Machine Muzak, 3 days of arts and music in a public park under a circus tent, designed by independent Italian curators (2003)

Why Dutch Design is so good, adv and medial lobby for Dutch Embassy (Rome, 2006)

FreeDesigndom, International media lobby, a guide and an exclusive event for Premsela Foundation, (Amsterdam, 2007)

Showpieces, International media lobby, a guide and an exclusive event for Premsela Foundation, (Amsterdam, 2008)

Royal Dutcheese, design, production and communication of the show for Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, 2008)

Domus 80 lights and  Music Intersections, mini festival and interactive installation at Milan Central Station for 80th anniversary of Domus magazine (Milan, 2008)

Design Why? a show and four days of events for Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, 2009)

Real Time a retrospective plus a new collection of clock-movies by Maarten Baas (NL), curated, financed and produced by pr/undercover and Baas&Den Herder BV (Milan/Gewande 2009)

From This Day Forward, the first solo show and collection produced outside UK by the young Londoners JAMESPLUMB (Milano/London, 2010), then returned invited to exhibit at Spazio Rossana Orlandi with the successfull Home From Home: a residency, workshop and show curated and produced by pr/undercover in October-December 2011 (Milan).

Giacomo Ravagli, young Italian designer: pr, production assistance and management for Barometro Lamps collection (plus the following ones) and shows at Milano Design Week 2010, 2011, 2012, PAD Paris and London, Design Miami/Basel.

up/market self commissioned open gallery a new format of lifestyle and interiors market place, where self commissioned works, art pieces and publishing signed by authors born or resident in an European city are yearly chosen by pr/undercover to be on show and are dedicated to (and exhibited in) an abandoned building exactly when the quest of spaces for exhibiting or promoting is at its highest. Conceived, curated and financed by pr/undercover, up/market first edition has been up/market starts 13 ends 22 April in Milan. during the local art fair MiArt and the Milan Design Week 2012.