Thomas Kuijpers

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Foam - Fotografie Museum
Quick Facts

Thomas Kuijpers’ investigates how image and text represent the truth. He's interested in the way truth is constructed and always on the lookout for topics wherein the formulation of the truth is unclear. By playfully adding new versions of ‘the truth’ to a certain discourse of truthfinding; or distracting different versions of this truth within the topic, Kuijpers is constantly questioning the value of the concept of truth- and it’s representation.

Kuijpers’ methodology involves a strong practice of research and the gathering of archival materials. By using existing materials, Kuijpers is engaging against the way we the image is abused in our modern day mediated society. He places these materials in a comprehensive context so the viewer can get an insight in the way the ‘truth’ within a certain topic is constructed.

Some voices might be a bit louder as others, but that’s no reason to think one is more truthful then the other. Through manipulation, recontextualizing existing materials and distilling small details from big stories; Kuijpers makes us understand the difficulties when attempting to capture the truth.