Jade Fenu

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Why, 2018 Oil Collage Spray 63 X 51 Inches © Jade Fenu
What's going on, 2018 Oil 39 X 47 Inches © Jade Fenu
Underneath, 2017 Acrylic Oil Collage On Canvas 162 X 130 Cm / 63 X 51 Inches © Jade Fenu
Current , 2017 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas 140 X 120 Cm / 55 X 47 Inches © Jade Fenu
In Mind, 2017 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas 100 X 80 Cm / 39 X 31 Inches © Jade Fenu
In Touch, 2017 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas 39 X 31 Inches / 100 X 80 Cm © Jade Fenu
Cyclops, 2017 Acrylic Oil Collage On Canvas 80 X 70 Cm 31 X 27 Inches © Jade Fenu
Renaissance, 2017 Acrylic Oil Collage On Canvas 80 X 70 Cm 31 X 27 Inches © Jade Fenu
Salted, 2017 Acrylic Oil Collage On Canvas 140 X 120 Cm / 55 X 47 Inches © Jade Fenu
WW, 2017 Acrylic Oil 140 X 240 Cm 55 X 94 Inches © Jade Fenu
Under Pressure, 2017 Acrylic And Oil 120 X 100 Cm / 47 X 39 Inches © Jade Fenu
Darkkkkk, 2017 Acrylic 162 X 130 Cm / 63 X 51 Inches © JADE FENU
Untouched, 2017 Acrylic Oil Collage On Canvas 162 X 130 Cm / 63 X 51 Inches © Jade Fenu
Full Credit, 2017 Oil Collage 120 X 100 Cm / 47 X 39 Inches © Jade Fenu
Hunter's Night, 2017 Oil Collage Spray 80 X 60 © Jade Fenu
No Animal Left, 2016 Oil 119 X 81 © Jade Fenu
Prehistory this Afternoon, 2016 Acrylic / Oil 130 X 162 Cm © Jade Fenu
Black Mamba, 2016 Oil 162 X 130 Cm © Jade Fenu
The Eating Night, 2016 Oil And Spray 55 X 46 Cm © JADE FENU
Green Lantern, 2016 Oil 116 X 178 Cm © Jade Fenu
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Paris 13
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Saint-Denis, Le 6B





Born November 30, 1976
Currently lives and works in Paris, France.

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I use my art to express ideas of human nature through abstract landscape. Our individual natures and nature in general being expressions and part of one another, the open field lies as the equivalent of our unconscious mind. Materialized by every stratum of shading, color and brushstroke the canvas can also be seen as a representation of complex society and identity, its images and allusions, vibrating, bubbling, splashing, staining, dripping, blending together, straddling confusion and disorder. Before taking shape, at the beginning or middle of mutation, evolution yet to become something more complete, everything begins by the energy and emergence of movement undefined. It builds layer upon layer transcribing a jungle of ideas, conflicts and other motions struggling to fend off opposing forces and one another, until finally provisional cohesion or capture of abstract life form appears. Sometimes transcendent, sometimes rooted in the immediate, this is landscape free of parcels and fallow ground, an experimental place to let thoughts become themselves, free of attachment, restrictions, conditions and rules. A place where ideas and nature and our vision can mix sifting views and associations, where we can make errors unpunished or indulge in fantasy and speculation, to play with metaphors or travel through rhythm and subconscious between possibilities asleep but stirring, to find freedom.




Selected Exhibitions

Parcours d’Artistes de Pontault-Combault


Parcours d'artistes, Pontault-Combault,  France,2017

Artrooms, London, UK, 2017

Night opens, Blamprojects, Los Angeles, USA, 2016

Horizons, Boissy Lamberville, France, September 2016

El Duende Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy, May 2016

Colorida, Lisbon, Portugal, May-June2016

Courts + Formats,  Paris, France, September 9 – 26, 2015

ParisArtistes#,  Paris, France, October 9 – 12, 2014, Paris

Courts + Formats, Paris, France, September 9 – 26, 2014, Paris

SeeMeTakeover Times Square, July 24, 2014, New York

The Kamikaze Show, July 13, 2014, Post Gallery, Los Angeles






Saatchi Art : Artist of the day, March 22nd 2016,

Saatchi Art : collection "New This Week", curated by Chief curator Rebecca Wilson

Saatchi Art : collection « Spotlight on Paris », curated by associate curator Katherine Henning, November 2015

Saatchi Art: collection “The Real World: New Figurative Art”, curated by associate curator Katherine Henning, January 2015

Saatchi Art’s collection: Affordable Originals for 2000$ and under, August 2014,

ArtSlant Prize; 2016: 1st 3rd and 4th Showcases winner, 2015: 3rd 4th and 5th Showcases winner; 2014: 5th and 6th Showcases winner






Private collections, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Dallas, Los Angeles (...).






Portrait for the movie of Rebecca Zlotowski “Planetarium”, 2016

Painteresting: my personal Pinterest curating:



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