Jake Adams

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Seven Days of My Sister, 2014 Mixed Media 68" X 50" X 6" © Jake Adams 2014
Seven days in october, 2013 Mixed Media 55" X 30" X 4" © Jake Adams 2014
Ripleys Tobacco Preferences, 2014 Mixed Media 38" X 29" X 4" © Jake Adams 2014
Seven Days in December, 2013 Mixed Media 48 X 26 X 14 Inches © Jake Adams 2014
Seven Days in December (close up) Mixed Media
Seven Days of Steve, 2014 Mixed Media 38" X 49" X 4 Inches © Jake Adams 2014
Seven Days in January , 2014 Mixed Media 48" X 18" X 14" © Jake Adams 2014
Three Days in November, 2013 Mixed Media 14" X 9" X 4" © Jake Adams 2014
Seven Days in March, 2014 Mixed Media 58" X 26" X 23" © Jake Adams 2014
Seven Days in February, 2014 Mixed Media 49" X 49" X 5" © Jake Adams 2014
Quick Facts
Rochester, NY
Birth year
Lives in
Beacon, NY
Works in
Beacon, NY
MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)

Artist Statement

       Maintaining a constant state of self-affirmation poses interesting problems.  Self-affirmation is integral to our will and survival. It’s deep, unassuming, and stuck in the orifice of our cognizance. All one has to do is ambush the disaffirming entities (memories, ideas, feelings) found in our emotions and counter that energy. That is what I do on a regular basis. I categorize all these entities by creating a drawn emotional map and map key using three formal categories of aesthetic and symmetrical descriptions: Shape, Surface Texture, and Color. The map separates each diverse feeling, based on energy and emotion attributed by one or more combinations of the three categories. This process produces a synthesis manifested as a hybrid painting that embodies a portrait of consciousness interwoven with my own reactive emotional and conceptual forces. From which a dual-harmony is born.  


        Jake Adams was born in Rochester, NY in 1990. After developing an infatuation with visual arts he attended college at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008. In 2011 Jake took an obligatory leave of absence in order to recoup from mental illness and addiction. Amid his leave, He studied the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and continued art making. Nietzsche opened up a patulous and colossal world that allowed Jake to understand the will in relation to causality within him self. From this he deduced a means toward recording human consciousness in a manner entirely disparate from visual expressionistic tendencies. He revised this thesis when he returned to Baltimore and graduated college in 2014. Jake Adams now lives and works in Beacon, NY. 



Maryland Institute College of Art

Graduated 2014 Summa Cum Laude-GPA-3.98

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Painting

Artist Residency program at The International School of Art in Monte Castello, Italy, 2009

Pre-College Program at Maryland Institute College of Art - G.P.A. 3.9

Pre-College Program at Columbus College of Art and Design - G.P.A 4.0

Independent study with Rochester, NY artists - 2004-2008



  • Artist Assistant for Michael Zelehoski, Beacon, NY- 2014
  • Gallery Attendant for DIA:Beacon- 2014
  • Gallery assistant for Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Beacon, NY- 2014


  • High Falls Art Gallery, Rochester, NY:


  • Color exhibition-2013
  • Rochester art supply Invitational-2010
  • Shape Exhibition-2010
  • Rochester Art Supply Invitational- March 2008
  • Land, sea, sky- January 2008
  • Memories - November 2007
  • Reunion (invitational) - September 2007
  • Renew, Reuse, Recycle - July 2007
  • BIG! (Invitational) - May 2007
  • A Photographers Path 10 - March 2007 (Best in Show)
  • The Square - January 2007
  • Food - November 2006
  • Shape - September 2006
  • Fantasy and Dreams - July 2006


  • Solo Exhibitions


  • Oak Vino, Beacon, NY- 2014
  • Rochester Emerging artist Expo, Rochester, NY- 2013
  • Gallery 821, Pittsford, NY- 2009
  • High Falls Fine art Gallery, Rochester, NY- 2008
  • Gallery 821, Webster, NY- 2008


  • Other Exhibited locations


  • Group show, KUBE gallery, Beacon, NY- 2014
  • DIA staff show, Mad Dooley Gallery, Beacon, NY- 2014
  • Alumni exhibition for Scholastic, The Edison Hotel, NYC- 2013
  • Arts and Cultural Center group exhibition Rochester, NY-2013
  • Group Exhibit at the International School of Art in Monte Castello, Italy-2009
  • National Scholastic Exhibition- best in show at the Lyndon B. Johnson building in Washington D.C.-2009
  • National Advanced Placement Exhibition, Initiated by the AP board- Touring Los Angeles- Seattle-Boston-Princeton-New York-2008
  • National Scholastic Exhibition- touring from Los Angeles to New York (Gallery528 on Chelsea ST.)-2008
  • Rochester, NY Art Walk Festival - 2007
  • Webster Community Arts Day – 2001 –2007


  • Exhibitions During College


  • Commencement Exhibition, Pinkard Gallery, MICA- 2014
  • Four separate group shows in the Studio Center MICA- 2014
  • Materialism exhibition at the Fox gallery MICA, Baltimore- 2013
  • Two separate Group shows at the Brown center MICA, Baltimore- 2013
  • Group show C.A.R.T, at The Current Gallery, Baltimore- 2011
  • Five person show at The Theatre Project Gallery in Baltimore, MD, 2010
  • Two person show at the Bug Jar Space, Rochester, NY-2010
  • The Hexagon Baltimore, MD Salon show-2010
  • Painting Over the Lines Exhibition, Maryland Institute College of Art -2010
  • Group exhibition at Case-Werks in Baltimore, MD-2009
  • Sophomore Painting Exhibition, MICA-2009
  • The undergraduate Juried exhibition, MICA-2009
  • The undergraduate Juried exhibition, MICA -2008
  • AP Drawing exhibition at MICA-2008
  • AP Painting exhibition, MICA -2008
  • AP Drawing and painting exhibition, MICA -2008
  • Traveling exhibition- The Desiegno 2: Contemporary Undergraduate Drawing- Kansas City Art Institute, California College of the Arts and Maryland Institute.




  • Featured in both American Artist, and American Artist Drawing magazines -2009
  • Featured on a Documentary produced by Ovation TV, and sponsored by Scholastic- Promoting the impact of receiving recognition for ones achievements -2009
  • Featured in Celeste Prize Catalogue, Berlin Exhibition- 2009
  • Spoke at the Lyndon B. Johnson building in Washington D.C. in front of 49 young artists and recieved a National Award by Scholastic Art and Writing awards for best in show. -2008
  • Featured on the surreal art website 2008
  • Art published in Democrat and Chronicle in order to promote my Solo exhibit at Gallery 821-2008
  • Art Published in Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper (local artist spotlight) - 2007
  • Art Published in the Rochester Insider Magazine (promotion for Photographer’s Path Exhibition) – 2007


  • The Morris Louis scholarship while at MICA- 2010
  • First prize and best in show for the undergrad-competitive scholarships at MICA-2010
  • First Prize for Undergrad- competitive scholarship at MICA-2009
  • Featured in Celeste Prize Catalogue, Berlin exhibition- 2009
  • Won American Artist Magazine Scholarship-2009
  • Worked alongside Dan Gustin, David Vorros, and Stanley Lewis in Monte Castello, Italy-2009
  • The Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts ’39 scholarship at MICA -2009
  • The Presidential Scholarship at MICA- 2008
  • Thalheimer Scholarship at MICA-2008
  • Two National gold key awards and One National Silver portfolio award in Scholastic- presented at Carnegie Hall, New York City-2008
  • Awarded one Silver and one Gold key by the Scholastic Art Awards for excellence in visual arts - 2007
  • Best in show at High Falls Gallery for the Photographers Path Exhibition - 2007
  • Awarded a national art scholarship from the United States Bowling Congress 2007
  • Awarded one Silver key by the Scholastic Art Awards for Excellence In Visual Arts – 2006