Slawomir Elsner

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Catastrophe's Dazzling Beauty   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Slawomir Elsner at Johnen Galerie December 6th, 2008 - January 31st, 2009
Posted 1/4/09
Art after "nine eleven", text by Raimar Stange Again and again, the focus of Slawomir Elsner's work is "catastrophe's dazzling beauty". This can be seen, for example, in his series entitled "Kilotons" (2007). At first glance, they are nothing but coloured pencil drawings of south sea islands in blazing colours as we all know them from travel agents' brochures. The second glance, however, reveals that the bright light in the background is that of one of the atomic weapon tests that have taken... [more]
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