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1411129 Painting 0245 © Courtesy of the Artist and ClampArt
Babalu 2, 2011 84.8x58
Casey_4-50, 2010 84.8x58
Cypress_2-0828, 2011 58x77
Don Julio 0128, 2011
Elegido 1331, 2011 85.1 X 58
Heilke 0356, 2011 54.7 X 41
Illiad 1536, 2011
Morning 0046, 2011 54.7 X 41
Serpa 0601, 2011 68.8 X 58
© Courtesy of the artist and O'Born Contemporary
Sid 174_C, 2011 101x58
Verso 1243, 2011 69 X 58
Wild 0065, 2011 54.7 X 41
Asiared, 2011 54.7 X 41
Apache_1534, 2011 20.7 X 17.8
Mr. P_1587, 2011 54.7 X 41 © Courtesy of the artist & ClampArt
Casey, 2011 42x42
American Girl Doll, 2011 Archival Pigment Print 58 X 79.2 Inches
Glass Slipper, 2011 Cast Glass © Jill Greenberg
GC2-678, 2010 © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC2-685, 2010 56x41in © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC2-650, 2010 56x41in © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC2-445, 2010 56x41in © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC2-298, 2010 56x41in © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC2-247, 2010 56x41in © 2010 Jill Greenberg
GC1-1017, 2008 61.5x41in © 2008 Jill Greenberg
59J-48, 2006 62x42
75L-48, 2006 42x50
41-2, 2007 42x50 © Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City
54F-44, 2006 42x50 © Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City
A30-7, 2008 42 X 50 © Courtesy of the artist & Clampart
Mala Centerfold, 2005 Archival Pigment Print 34
Monkey Suit, 2005 Chromogenic Digital Print
And Now For something Completely Different, 2008 Photography
Apocalypse & Carnival, 2008 Photography
Blind , 2011 Photography
Don't Scream Stupid, 2006 Photography
Lame, 2011 Photography
No, You May Not Give Urine Instead of Blood, 2008 Photography
Lemon Curry, 2008 Photography
My Hovercraft is Full of Eels , 2009 Photography
Nobody Expected the Spanish Inquisition, 2011 Photography
Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being repressed!, 2008 Photorgaphy
She Turned Me Into A Newt, 2011 Photography
Our 2 Weapons Are Fear and Surprise...And Ruthless Efficiency, 2011 Photography
Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries, 2008 Photography
Why Hide Them, 2008 Photography
Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, 2008 Photography
The Caprichos, 2008 Photography
There Is Plenty To Suck, 2008 Photography
This Is Worse, 2008 Photography
Untitled, 2007 Photography
'Tis But a Scratch, 2008
Speechless, 2011 Photography
Poor Little Girls, 2011 Photography
Quick Facts
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Birth year
Lives in
New York, NY
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
Representing galleries
NYC; O'Born Contemporary, Toronto; Katherine Cone, ClampArt, Los Angeles
figurative, conceptual, photography, digital

Jill Greenberg

b. 1967, Montreal. American

Jill Greenberg is an internationally renowned artist and photographer whose work is instantly recognizable due to her personally executed postproduction and her mastery of studio lighting. Since the age of 10, Jill has staged photographs and created characters using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, film and photography.


Her background in illustration and painting is evident in her work, and her background in semiotics and art history is evident in the subject matter she explores. An early adopter of digital effects, Greenberg has developed a world that is more intense, more razor- sharp than the one in which we actually reside. Jill Greenberg creates portraits that seize our attention and tug at our emotions.

Best known for her infamous series, "End Times," her work struck a nerve in its exploration of environmental themes exploiting the raw emotion of toddlers unable to use their words. Additionally, she is recognized for her portrait work of animals, exploring the trope of studio and celebrity portraiture as well as power dynamics between viewer and subject, humans and animals. These series were photographed on medium format film, then drum scanned, and finally enhanced with digital “hand painting” techniques. "Glass Ceiling," and "Horse," marked a return to the 80's feminist theory that inspired her senior thesis, "The Female Object" while an art student at RISD in the 80's. The “Horse” series investigated the persistent dual gender representations as well as parallels with the treatment of women. “Glass Ceiling” toyed with candy colored, luscious feminine hues which belied the violent undertones telegraphed by Greenberg rendering professional swimmers appearing headless and incapacitated, shot in full SCUBA gear at the bottom of a Culver City swimming pool.


As a working photographer she travails to straddle the line between the commissioned work which funds her fine art practice. Further, her unique gaze as a working commercial female photographer, when directed back at her gallery work, allows a constant interrogation of the image politics and methodologies at work in a culture where pictures have become the de facto universal language.


Greenberg has been using Photoshop in 1990: early digital JPEG drawings and body part scans were the basis of her application to the Whitney Program for Independent Study in 1993. In 1997, her wide-angle, forced perspective fun-filled images captured the zeitgeist, and were much imitated. In 2001 Greenberg developed a lighting diagram for her simian portraits, and now the shiny, haloed 7-light studio technique have become the go-to art school photography assignment; the set-up was obsessively deconstructed on youtube in multiple languages (despite having never been checked for accuracy.)


4 monographs have been released: "Monkey Portraits*" and "Bear Portraits" published by Little, Brown. In 2012, Rizzoli published the large format glossy "Horses". In 2013, TF Editores and DAP published her seminal series, "End Times" with essays by Bill Moyers, and Jo-Ann Conklin of Brown University. 


Recent exhibitions include “Paintings” in New York City, "End Times" and Monkey "Portraits" in Amsterdam, and a major mid-career survey at Stockholm's Fotografiska; and “Commentary and Dissent,” in Culver City, Los Angeles—a body of disparate work poking fun at both political art and advertising tropes.


Selected Exhibitions:


“’Paintings’”, ClampArt, New York City

“The Stand-Ins” MoPLA, Los Angeles

“The Growth of A Collection: Part II 2002-2014”, Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida

“Wet Panties” Mark Humphrey Gallery, Southampton, NY


“New Cats in Art Photography,” presented by the Humble Arts Foundation, Online Exhibition

“Monkey Portraits and End Times,” Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Cat Art Show” Los Angeles, California

“Horse” O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

“Welcome to LA/Please Come Again” LAX Airport, Los Angeles

2013 :

“Jill Greenberg: Work 2001-2011,” Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden

“FACE it,” Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, New York

“Photo 13: Jill Greenberg, Bastienne Schmidt, and Roger Ricco,” Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, New York

2012 :

“Horses” Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Horse,” ClampArt, New York City

“Legitimate Rape: Political Art in 2012,” Katherine Cone Gallery, Los Angeles

“Dark Blue: The Water as Protagonist,” Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“America Rules!,” West Collection, Collegeville, Pennsylvania (Curated by Drew Leshko)

“Chungmuro Photo Festival 2012” Seoul, South Korea

“Getxophoto Festival 2012: In Praise of Childhood,” Bilbao, Spain

“Full of Grace,” Palm Beach Photographic Centre, West Palm Beach, Florida (Curated by Ray Merritt)

“Glass Ceiling,” O’Born Contemporary, Toronto

“Commentary and Dissent,” Katherine Cone Gallery, Los Angeles


“Glass Ceiling,” Hagedorn Foundation Gallery (In conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography), Atlanta

“Glass Slipper” Grey Area, Pulse Los Angeles

“American Girl Doll” Billboard LAXART, Pacific Standard Time, Los Angeles

“(Un)Natural Histories,” Kemper Museum, Kansas City, Missouri

“2011 Juried Art Show,” The SoFA Gallery / Grunwald Gallery of Art, The Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, Indiana

“Dangerously Young,” Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent, Belgium

“Glass Ceiling,” ClampArt, New York City

“Horse—Preview,” ClampArt, New York City

“Open Daybook Project Exhibit,” LACE, Los Angeles

“Ursine,” Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010 :

“Humanimal,” Portsmouth Museum of Art, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Exposed: Photography Group Show,” Morgan Lehman


“Bumpy Ride,” MACRO Future, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea,  in conjunction with   FotoGrafia, Rome

“Heads or Tails,” Mary Ryan Gallery, New York

“Proof,” Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

“Museum of Unnatural History,” ClampArt, New York

“SHOOT!,” Imago Galleries, Palm Desert, California

“Jill Greenberg,” acte2galerie, Paris, France

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

2009 :

“Jill Greenberg: New Bears,” ClampArt, New York

“Bear Portraits,” Guy Hepner, Los Angeles

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia

“Staged,” Michelle Mosko Fine Art, Denver, Colorado

“18 Mammals,” Carroll Square Gallery, Washington, DC

“Intelligent Design: Interspecies Art,” Sweeny Gallery, UC Riverside, California

“Animal Attraction,” Ambient Art Projects, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wild Things,” Stricola Contemporary, New York City (Curated by Greg Garry) “Jill Greenberg:

Monkeys and Bears,” Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, Colorado

“Jill Greenberg: Monkeys and Bears,” Michele Mosko Fine Art, Denver, Colorado

“Kids Behaving Badly,” ClampArt, New York City

“Intimacy & Seduction,” The Madden Museum, Greenwood Village, Colorado

“Iris Slide Show Night,” Annenberg Foundation Photography Space, Los Angeles, California

2008 :

“Transfigure,” Kemper Museum, Kansas City, Missouri

“Play/Quatre Jeux,” O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

“Jill Greenberg: Photographs,” Southeast Museum for Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” Eleanor London Cote-St-Luc Public Library, Montreal, ­­­Canada

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” National Academy of Sciences, National

Academy’s Upstairs Gallery, Washington DC

“The Body is Art” Michele Mosko Fine Art, Denver, Colorado

2007 :

“Empty Nest: The Changing Face of Childhood in Art, 1880 to the Present,” Nathan A. Bernstein & Co. Ltd., New York City (Curated by Lowell Pettit)

“Jill Greenberg,” Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

“Jill Greenberg: Ursine,” ClampArt, New York City

“Jill Greenberg: End Times,” ClampArt, New York City [In the Project Room]

“Eat the Food!,” Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto (Curated by Camilla Singh)

“Kids: Julie Blackmon, Ruud van Empel, Jill Greenberg,” David Winton Bell Gallery, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Curated by Jo-Ann Conklin)

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” National Academy of Sciences, Keller Gallery, Washington DC

“The Evolution of the Digital Portrait,” ClampArt, New York City

"Ominous Atmosphere," Heather Marx Gallery, San Francisco (Co-curated by Jeff Dauber)

“End Times,” Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

“Human in Animals,” Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston

“Why Look at Animals,” Artspace, New Haven, Connecticut (Curated by Denise Markonish)

“Slideluck Potshow IX,” Sandbox Studios, New York City

“Photo LA,” Los Angeles


“Animal House,” Islip Art Museum, East Islip, New York (Curated Karen Shaw) “It’s All About Me,” Chelsea Art Museum, New York City

“Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits,” ClampArt, New York City

“End Times,” Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

“Offspring,” Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

“The Photography Show 2006,” The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, New York City


“Animal Tales”, DFN Gallery, New York City


“Monkey Portraits,” Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles


“Christmas Show,” American Fine Art, New York City

1997 :

“Art, Design, and Barbie: The Evolution of a Cultural Icon,” Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, Montreal (Curated by Valerie Steele)

1996 :

“Art, Design, and Barbie: The Evolution of a Cultural Icon,” Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Curated by Valerie Steele)

“Art, Design, and Barbie: The Evolution of a Cultural Icon,” Los Angeles Central

Library, Los Angeles (Curated by Valerie Steele)

1995 :

“Art, Design, and Barbie: The Evolution of a Cultural Icon,” World Financial Center, Liberty Street Gallery, New York City (Curated by Valerie Steele)


Art Fairs:


“Art Miami,” Miami [ClampArt]

“Zona Maco,” Mexico City, Mexico


“Scope at Art Basel,” Switzerland

2012 :

“Houston Fine Art Fair,” Houston [ClampArt]

2011 :

“Toronto International Art Fair,” Toronto [O’Born Contemporary] “Pulse LA,” Los Angeles [ClampArt]

2010 :

“aipad,” New York [Project5, ClampArt]


“Photo LA,” Los Angeles [ClampArt]


“Art Miami,” Miami [ClampArt] “Photo LA,” Los Angeles [ClampArt]


“Art Miami,” Miami [ClampArt] “Photo LA,” Los

Angeles [ClampArt]


Photo Miami,” Miami [ClampArt] “Photo NY,” New York City [ClampArt]

“Scope” New York City [PKG]

“AIPAD: The Photography Show,” New York City [PKG] “Art LA,” Los Angeles [PKG]

“Photo LA,” Los Angeles [PKG]


“Pulse,” Miami [PKG]

“AAF Contemporary Fair,” New York City [PKG] “Photo SF,” San Francisco [PKG]


Selected Articles and Reviews:


“Cover Artist Jill Greenberg,” ASMP (Spring 2014) interview article and images


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Selected Books and Publications:

Horses (Rizzoli: New York, 2012)

End Times (TF Editores: Madrid, 2012)

Glass Ceiling & Horses (Jill Greenberg Studio, Inc.: Beverly Hills, California, (2011)

Futurspectives (Zetema Progetto Cultura: Rome, 2010), pp. 34-5, full-page illus.

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Monkey Portraits (Exhibition catalog in conjunction with exhibition at Paul Kopeikin Gallery: Los Angeles, 2004)


Television, Radio, and Online Interviews:


“Monkey Portraits” book release, Good Morning America (October 2007) “Master Class” (December 2007)

2006 :

“Baby Photo Controversy,” Inside Edition (September 2006)

“End Times,” BBC Television (September 2006)

“End Times,” Explosiv-Das Magazin (August 2006)

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“End Times,” Air America-LA Radio (June 2006)

“End Times,” BBC Radio (June 2006)

“End Times,” Good Morning America (June 2006)

2004 :

Special Book-2nd  Place, PDN/Nikon Self Promotion


Lectures and Artist Talks:


Bear, DePaul College of LAS, Chicago, Illinois

2011 :

Women’s Focus Week Lecture, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence,

Rhode Island

 Keynote  Speaker  at  Women’s  Focus  Week;  Visiting  Artist  Critic

 Senior Thesis Class

Business of Photography Lecture, ArtCenter, Pasadena

Annenberg Center for Photography, Beauty Culture, I

2010 :

Semi-Permanent, Sydney, Australia with FBI Radio interview

Unsung  Heroes of the American  West,” Speakeasy  at Society  of

Publication Designers, Los Angeles, California


“Make/Think,”AIGA  Biennial  Design  Conference,  Memphis, Tennessee

“99% Conference,” Behance, New York City


“On the Media,” National Public Radio

EFTI, School of Photography and Image Technology, Madrid, Spain

Southeastern Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida


Good Morning America, interview with Diane Sawyer

“Julie Blackmon  and Jill Greenberg:  In Conversations  with Jo-Ann Conklin, Director, Bell Gallery,” Brown University, November 2, 2007 “

National   Geographic   Magazine   Photography   Seminar,   2007,” along   with   Duane   Michals,   James   Nachtwey,   and   Edward Burtynsky, National Geographic, January 11, 2007.


“Jill Greenberg / Parson’s Lecture,” Aperture Foundation, October 26, 2006




The Society of Publication Designers Cover of the Day (from a shoot for Entertainment Weekly)

Graphis Photography Annual (Platinum in Animal Category)


AI-AP (American Illustration-American  Photography), The Archive (Motion Category)

AP28 American Photography (“Thomas Jane Mapplethorpe” homage)


American Photographic Artists Award Winner (Second Place in Fine Art Category)

Key Art Awards Transit Campaign (“One Born Every Minute”)

The Society of Publication Designers Cover of the Day (from a shoot for Chakota Magazine)


AP26 American Photography (“Glenn Beck” for GQ and “Dog” for O Magazine)

PDN PIX Digital Imaging (Glass Ceiling)


AP25 American Photography

PDN PIX Digital Imaging x3

The Society for Publication Designers x4

The Society of Publication Designers (Gold Medal for “Violence of the Lambs” for GQ)


New York Photo Awards (Advertising)

The Society of Publication Designers (Merit Award for Wired)

The Society of Publication Designers (Merit Award for GQ)

The Society of Publication Designers (Merit Award for Women’s Health)

The Society of Publication Designers (Merit Award for Glamour)


The Society of Publication Designers (Silver Medal)

AP23 American Photography


Communications Arts (Award of Excellence) PDN/Nikon

(Print Placement, 2nd Place)

PDN/Nikon (DirectMailAward,1st Place)


PDN/Nikon (Self Promotion, 2nd Place)


PDN/Nikon (Self Promotion, 2nd Place)


Communications Arts (Award of Excellence)


Selected Public Collections:

Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon

Kemper Museum, Kansas City, Missouri

National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida

The West Collection, Oaks, Pennsylvania

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California

Sprint Nextel Corporation, Overland Park, Kansas

Franklin Company Collections, Los Angeles

L, G, & F Advertising, Brussels, Belgium

Kevin Thomas Films

ParVest Asset Management

Hallmark Photography Collection, Kansas City, Missouri


Selected Private Collections:

Cindy Crawford, Los Angeles

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Los Angeles

Beth DeWoody, New York City

Paul Weitz, Los Angeles

Christopher Weitz, Los Angeles

Jeff Poe, Los Angeles

Marc and Brandy Hyman, Los Angeles

Tom Ford, Los Angeles

Kristen Bell, Los Angeles

Drew Carrey, Los Angeles

Neil Patrick Harris, Los Angeles

Philae Knight, New York City

Gwen Stefani, Los Angeles

Gillian Anderson, United Kingdom

Christian Louboutin, Paris

Diane von Furstenberg, Paris

Chaney Family Collection, Houston, Texas




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode



“Semiotics in Media,” coursework with Mary Anne Doane, Brown    University, Providence, Rhode Island.


Winner: Traub Scholarship from Andover Public High School for Fine Art


  Parsons School of Design in Paris, Photography Summer Session




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