Byong-Ho Kim

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Larry Adkins, Stefano Aldighieri, Roger Coar, Mark Crase, Dennis Doran, John Eckmier, Bob Francis, LISA HILL, Byong-Ho Kim, Jerry Kotler, Lawrence Manning, Jamet Milhomme, Robert Plotz, Marian Rubin, Jean Shultz, Ariel Swartley, William Tham, Mirza Todorvich, Earl Veits, Jana Wallace, Chris Whitney at The Loft Studios July 5th, 2012 - August 2nd, 2012
Posted 6/30/12
I am Paul Blieden, one of the curators of this show. We have put together an interesting show of diverse images. We have some very senior quality photographers as well as some photographers who have never shown before in a gallery show. I am looking forward to meeting you at the show. Please come up to me and introduce yourself. Opening is July 5th between 6 and 9pm at the Loft at 401 South Mesa Avenue in San Pedro, California. Paul Blieden [more]
All Media Show - worth the trip to behind the Orange Curtain  
Kelly Lee Barrett, Dosia Bell, Ken Boland, Tom Brown, Erika Chan, kyle chew, Emily Cobett, Cheryl Cotman, Alan Crowe, Dennis Dunton, Yasmin Etemadi, Sandra Figuerola, Rudy Gardea, John Gauld, Carole Gelker, Daryl Gortner, Kalyani Humbled Harrington, Joseph Van Hooten, Michael Hosey, Byong-Ho Kim, Ellen Rice Kirwan, David Knudsen, Linnea Lenkus, Lora Lingl, Sherian Lynch, Chuck Magnani, Carol Tripp Martens, Frank McGrath, Tommy Che Murdock, Hal Myers, Odile Nicolette, April Raber, Ellen Rose, Barbara Ruffini, Brigitte Schobert, Cory Sewelson, Noya Shiloni, Mahara Sinclaire, Catherine Singer, Kim Vanderhoek, Dan Willams at Irvine Fine Arts Center November 14th, 2008 - January 9th, 2009
Posted 11/19/08
Went to this show on Friday at Irvine Fine Arts Center. The juror for "All Media 2008″ was Shelby Roberts; (photographer and lecturer at UC Irvine). The show was well attended and there were some fantastic pieces. Shelby  had some interesting comments during the opening remarks, but I don't think everyone got to hear him... (there was no microphone for him and he had to shout above the sizable crowd) The winners for "All Media 2008″: * First place: Kelly Lee Barrett, "Let Me Crazy," a photo... [more]