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no barking aRt Biennale 2014 Gallery Shop, 2000 Ceramics 25x10x10 © AnnyRose Nahapetian
"After a long day", 2015-2016 Oil Engraving On Canvas 70 X 90cm © AnnyRose Nahapetian
"In sleep with Roses", 2015-2016 Oil Engraving On Canvas 70x70cm © AnnyRose Nahapetian
"Boy reading Book", 2015 Oil Engraving On Canvas 60x50cm © AnnyRose Nahapetian
Reflections, 2010 Mix 35 X 45cm © AnnyRose
Reflections II, 2010 Mix 35 X 45cm © AnnyRose
Oriant, 2010 Oil On Canvas 50 X 50cm © AnnyRose
Oriant II, 2010 Oil Ingraving On Canvas 50 X 50cm © AnnyRose
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My work could be seen as modern carving techniques inspired by rich and exquisite techniques of traditional goldsmiths and stonemasons of Armenia.

Everything that I create by drawing or engraving in any media is instinctive and inspired from my childhood. My mothers crochet work, which I have many examples of, is great source of inspiration.

In creation of my artwork equipment and tools are deliberately kept to minimum instead wide palette of colours are used to express my emotions, dreams and artistic aspirations.

Over the years use of colours and carving technique have become distinctive mark of my creations.

Experiences from variety of countries and cultures is recurring theme that enrich my creations.

Discovering, exploring and working with new materials and techniques is very exhilarating experience. Unusual and unexpected outcomes sustain my creative work.


Work experience

1990 - Present:          Working as fine-art artist, teacher, curator and organiser of cultural projects in fine art.

Managed complex assignments and delivered an outcome which was sympathetic and true to the original concept.

Work as graphic and layout designer for newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies. Also producing artworks for diverse clienteles ranging from manufacturers of soft drinks, biscuits and shoes to tourism.


Experienced in running and organizing all aspects of a lively Cultural center:

Motivating staff and voluntaries.

Talent scouting and booking new artists and events.

Managing renovations and rescheduling current projects.

1987 - 1989:    Yellow Pages, ITT world international Amsterdam; responsible for directory layout.

1986 - 1987:    Information department of Amsterdam Town Hall; responsible for internal magazine layout.

1974 - 1983 : Tehran Times; full time employee responsible for newspaper layout design.

1977 - 1983 :   Freelanced as designer of book covers, letter heads, business cards and corporate emblems for various corporations.


Teaching Certificate :


Ministry of Education in the Netherlands:


Kunstenaars in de klas

Orientatie Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming (CKV) basisonderwijs

Tot stand gebracht onder auspiciën en met medewerking van het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en

Wetenschappen, in directe samenwerking met de stichting Kunstenaars Cultuur en Ondernemerschap.



Artists in the Class Room

Orientation Cultural and Artistic Education Primary School

Awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, in cooperation with the foundation 'Artists Culture and Entrepreneurship’.





1973 : Graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Graphic Academy in applied graphic design. (Bürcke “Hochschule”, Munich, Germany)

1975 : Was awarded a scholarship from Tehran Times (daily Iranian newspaper) to study Italian in Torino, Italy.

1976 : Was awarded a scholarship to study Language and Sculpture, in Ealing Technical College, London, UK.


Assignments in the Netherlands:

1993 : Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Slide presentation for the exhibition of “I Dream of

Peace (this included design of the exhibition and slide production)

1993-1994 : Advies Commissie Minderheden (ACON ). (Minority advise commission- corporate identity)

1995 : IIAV, Onderbelicht  poster & Flyers (Information Bureau for Ethnic Women of the World)- organised an exhibition called “underexposed” with the participation of Angela Davise.

1995 : Amazone, Arte Piccola.

1995 : Organisation and curating and design of exhibition of Women, Art and Society.

1995 : Refugee organisation, Amsterdam, Designed T-Shirt Logo

1997 : De Balie, Amsterdam, Persian Literature and poetry evening.

1997 : Intendant Fonds BKVB ACCAN

1998 : St. Perdu, Persian Literature and poetry evening.

1998 : Cosmic Theatre, Amsterdam, Posters and invitation cards

1999 : VERKUNO “salon”99 Int. Ontmoeting 2 – 20 Dec

1998-2000: Tropical museum of Amsterdam, Curating the Exhibition:

De Armeniërs in Nederland: "Kleine gemeenschap rijke geschiedenis". (The Armenians in the Netherlands: "Small community- Rich history".

Part of this project been financed by the Mondriaan Fonds.

2005 - 2012:  Founder of the “Art Cage Gallery and Cultural Centre”.

Projects in development:

-Coffee and Coffee houses

Inspired by a book titled 'Origin of social beverage in the medieval near-east' by Ralph S. Hattox.

-Meeting above Zero.

National and International Interdisciplinary Art works based on today’s economical situation.

- Conciliation.

Armenian Genocide..


National and International Interdisciplinary Art works based on today’s Visual Art.


National and International Interdisciplinary Art works based on the motto.

-Waterkunstroute Amsterdam

Art exhibit on the waterways of Amsterdam.

- Essays on Geopoetics.

Plays and poems on the soul of images.



1991 : Galerie Columbus (solo), Amsterdam

Galerie Amazone (groep), Amsterdam

1992 : St. O. K . K., (solo), Oostzaan

SVB-bank, (groep), Amsterdam

1993 : Univ. Twente Vrijhof, Enschede

Galerie Elf, (groep), Amsterdam

St. Amsterdam Kruiswerk, (groep)

Openbare Bibiliotheek, (solo), Groningen

1993/94 : Galerie Art Yard, (groep), Amsterdam

1994 : Hervormde Kerk, (solo), Oostzaan

Triodos Bank, (solo), Zeist

Galerie XY, (groep), Amsterdam

Galerie Bremmer, (groep), Tilburg

1995 : Galerie Mana, (solo), Utrecht

1995: East Gallery, (solo), Boston U.S.

1996 : Galerie XY, (groep), Amsterdam

1997 : The Explosion Artotek, (groep), Amsterdam

1998 : Gate Foundation, (groep), Amsterdam

2000 : Tropenmuseum, (solo), Amsterdam

2000 : GO Gallery, (groep), Amsterdam

Werkuno, (groep), Veenhuizen

The Explosion Artotek, (groep) Amsterdam

2001 : SBK the whole year

2002 : Windkracht 13 Den Helder februari/april

Gyumry biennal Yerevan august 21th, Armenia

Nungi NK art. Ceramic biennal in Nakhijevan/Azarbaijan/Armenia

This trip has been honoured by the Prins Berhardfonds in 2000.

2003 : KNSM Eiland, Amsterdam

2003 :  GO Gallery Amsterdam

Galerie Bremmer, Tilburg

2004 : Project in Utrecht: wings. Giving the cariatides on a building wings as appreciation for

their year long service in supporting the building.

2004 : Gyumri Biennale in Armenia: from August 7th through august 29th.

2004 : Exhibition "Langusion" in the Ethnographical Museum in Armenia. August 7th through


2004 : Exhibition 'R-THEM& TEXT" in Style Gallery in Armenia. August 7th through 29th.

2004 : November 5th. Vishal -en Kloostergang in Haarlem, organized by 'Kunstlijn'.

Theme: Dislocations. Published in "Dagblad Haarlem".

2005 Fring-ism

2006 Project Gallery and Cultural center “Art Cage”

2007 : Opening Art Cage and co-operating with “RODE LOPER”

2008:  Exhibition “Chroma” Cultural happening “Seven days of Color.

2009:  Exhibition “Chroma” Cultural happening “Seven days of Color.

2010 : Amsterdam Chiliry Gallery

2011 : Amsterdam Art Academy a selected group exhibition.

2012 : Windkracht 13 Den Helder March till May 13

2012 : Onanjekerk Amsterdam 16 dec t/m 07 Feb 2013

2013 : Montpellier 29 April t/m 29 Mei Arte’

2013 : Porto City Gallery

2013 : Spain Sarria S A S 2013.

2013 The 5th International Competition of “ GemlucArt”  in Monte - Carlo.

2014 : Espacio Gallery "Material world and human condition" Final NobarkingArt.Part two: 17 - 22  april,

2014 : GO Gallery Amsterdam Mythe & Muze 12 July 31 August

2015 : Moricia Spain

2015 : Espacio Gallery “Flesh”Group exhibition October 20- 26 Privet View on 22nd October

2015 : HILLE & ZOTOVArt Gallery Amsterdam 13-16 November Display Solo show

2016: March t/m December Coordinating National and International chain exhibitions for the Gallery Hille & Zotova  Art Gallery Amsterdam

2016:  Solo November show at Hille & Zotova Art Gallery Amsterdam 

2017: Group exhibition Grand Finale GoGallery Amsterdam 13th May till first of July

2017: Group exhibition Amsterdam dance Festival " Framed Beats" 20th October Gallery 5&33

2017: Kit / Cbk / Manor Hotel 18th - 29 October Amsterdam

2017: Cultuurhouse de Klinker SEEYOU@ART Festival 3 November

2018: MvVO Art AD ART SHOW Sotheby's  NY 22- 25 Februray

2018: NAY ART Center France Nay July 6- oct


AnnyRose in the Media

Television :

Amsterdam Oost Kanaal, Date: april 28th 2000

Radio :

Schuim & As, NCRV Live. Date: march 10th 2000

Radio 5 documentary Humanistisch Verbond. Date: april 24th 2000

News papers and magazines:

Trouw, March 4th 2000

De Gelderlander ed. Arnhem, March 21st 2000

Hoogeveensche Courant, February 18th 2000

Barneveldse Krant, February 26th 2000

Dagblad De Limburger, February 26th 2000

Brabants Dagblad, February 28th 2000

"Dagblad Haarlem", 2004


Art Books

Inco Art, Canada International Art Book                                2010

Publication St. Lucas Hospital, Amsterdam Netherlands        2011

Publication Sarria S A S                                                          2013

Publication GemlucArt in Monte - Carlo.                                2013






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