Jowhara AlSaud

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i am so glade to see a saudi girl like me
i am a saudi girl i see your seems diactritical..frankly i am so little to judg on any art works, but i belive in every saudi's talent"strongly"..please if u don't mind i want u to do a favour for me by giving me advices about!!what do u say??"saudi's party here??"..i will pray for u alot if u do..and if u don't
Comment by: Reem ALSaeedy on Monday 11/08/10 at 1:55 PM
Beyond boundaries
I am pleased to have just discovered your work- interesting to see a young Saudi national pushing the boundaries of the art world. Very brave I suspect. I lived there for 7 years and found it a constant battle to discover what was, and was not, allowed. The matawa usually decided, of course, and often seemingly on a whim. In 1980 there seemed to be no specific rules , and I am not talking about any subversive or improper images, - ANY images, or events, could be stamped on with no reason. We were very imaginative in finding exhibition spaces in compounds, private villas etc.
Comment by: Tania Beaumont on Wednesday 04/07/10 at 5:52 AM