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BizArt is a self-supported and not-for-profit art center that combines artistic and commercial pursuits with the ultimate goal of advancing contemporary art in Shanghai and beyond. On the website, there are detailed write-ups and pictures of current and past exhibitions the organisation has held.

The website lists all the artists the center has worked with, sorted alphabetically, and its linked to the works that had been displayed at the center. There are also past publications and conferences available for viewing in the archives.Bizart, is a Shanghai-based organization run by the David  It has been quietly making history for the past ten years in China. According to Quadrio, China’s cultural environment has been so de-constructed that it allowed a 360 degrees experimentation and “free” research for almost a decade. In the recent years though, something unexpected happened: the increasing attention that the world has given to China, the economic interests also enhanced by cultural co-operation, and finally the opening up of the Chinese art market have created the conditions for what many define as new cultural imperialism.For the past ten years, BizArt has been at the forefront of the Shanghai art scene, with our active involvement in the best exhibitions and art events and our commitment to supporting young local artists.Most recently, BizArt has been headed in new directions, splitting their exhibition space in half to include a full production studio for artists-in-residence from China and abroad. They will be concentrating less on exhibitions and more on production, workshops and symposiums.On the business side, BizArt specialize in various art services, interior design and graphic design. They also act as a production center as well as consultants for international and local exhibitions and events, covering a vast array of mediums from painting to multi-media. -