José Bedia

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Todo sera breve, 2007 Mixed Media On Paper Height: 140 X Width: 270 X Cm. © Latin American Art
Killing in the name of..." , 2009 Mixed Media On Canvas 83 X 96 Cm / 32.7 X 37.8 In © Courtesy of the artist & Lyle O. Reitzel
Y esas ganas de salir volando , 2008 Mixed Media On Paper 45 X 94 In /114.3 X 238.8 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Pan American Art Projects
Virgen de la hierba , 2004 Silkscreen On Paper 67 X 96 Cm / 26.4 X 37.8 In © Courtesy of the artist & Invesart Gallery
Un golpe de invierno , 2010 Acrylic On Canvas H: 90 X W: 120 Cm © Moleiro's Gallery
Impresvisible Final, 2005 Mixed Media On Canvas 25.59 X 70.86 Inches © Courtesy of the artist & Evelyn Aimis Fine Art
El Viene Para Dar , 1997 H: 72 X W: 142 In © George Adams Gallery
Llegada a Kunanbansa, 1993 Acrylic On Canvas 62 X 94 Inches © George Adams Gallery
Mundele Briyumba, 2001 Mixed Media On Paper Height: 95.2 X Width: 124.5 X Cm. © Latin American Art
© Courtesy of the Artist and Fowler Museum at UCLA
Blessing in the Miami River, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 38 X 95" © Courtesy of the artist and Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Mama quiere menga, menga de su nkombo (Mama Wants Blood, Blood of His Bull) , 1988 Acrylic On Canvas 55 X 78 3/4 Inches © Courtesy of the artist and Miami Art Museum / collection of Diane and Robert Moss, Miami, Florida
El Rompimiento (part 1 of triptych), 2013 Acrylic On Canvas
© Courtesy of the artist and Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Quick Facts
Havana, Cuba
Birth year
Lives in
Miami, Florida
Works in
Miami, Florida

Jose Bedia (full name José Braulio Bedia Valdés) is a Cuban painter. He resolves the distance of millennia in spare line drawings rooted at once in an appreciation for comic art and an abiding belief in the shared characteristics of indigenous faiths. A priest of Palo Monte, a rural religion closely tied to nature, Bedia has studied with Lakota Indians, the Yoruba of West Africa and adherents of the pan-Caribbean Santería religion. From a personal cosmography born of his immersion in diverse cultures, Bedia’s drawings are populated by godlike animistic figures with extenuated limbs that reach out over great distances.

His work has been presented in several individual shows, such as '"Final del Centauro"',1989 , Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba. In 1994 was presented"José Bedia: De donde vengo", in the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Also exhibiting at "InSite94: A Binational Exhibition of Installation and Site Specific Art". San Diego Train Station, San Diego, California.

José Bedia Biography

1959 Born in Havana, Cuba

1976 School of Art of San Alejandro Havana, Cuba

1981 Superior Institute of Art Havana, Cuba

1982 Gran Premio del Salon del Paisaje Havana, Cuba

1986 Premio de la II Bienale de la Havana Havana, Cuba

1991 Emigrated to México

1993 Moved to the United States

1994 Guggenheim Mem. Foundation Intn'l Fellowship

2010 1st Prize of Excellence in Painting, "IX Biennal of Beijing 2010", China

Lives and works in Miami, Florida

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Scope Miami Art Fair, during Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Miami, Fl

2010 The Global Caribbean II:"Caribbean Trilogy: Jose Bedia, Duval Carrie & Garcia Cordero at The Little Haiti Cultural Center, during Art Basel, Miami, Fl

2010 Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL

2010 The Base Paint Tents for Haiti, during 'Art Basel Miami Beach 2010' Epic Residence. Miami, Fl

2010 The Base Paint Tents :The models @ Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL

2010 PINTA 2010, The Modern & Contemporary Latinamerican Art Fair, Pier 93 & 94, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, New York

2010 "IX Biennal of Beijing 2010", Beijing, China

2010 "Entre dos mundos" Retrospectiva IVAM( Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno), Valencia, Spain

2010 "Without a Mask" Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa

2010 “Faces In The Landscape”- solo show- Latin American Masters, Los Angeles. California

2010 'Scope New York 2010' booth Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, New York, NY

2010 Como empezo todo? Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico (solo)

2010 "Fragments of Journeys" Heriard-Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, LA (solo)

2010 'MIA 2010' Miami International Art Fair, booth Lyle O. Reitzel, Miami, FL

2009 X BIENAL DE LA HABANA Resistance and Freedom: Wifredo Lam, Raúl Martínez y José Bedia” Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba

2009 NeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith, Miami Art Museum(MAM), Miami, Fl

2009 'Analogia Mistica' Galeria Sandunga, Granada, Spain (solo)

2009 “Pivot Points" The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) North Miami, Fl

2009 Arteamericas 09. Latinamerican Art Fair, Miami Beach Convention Center, Lyle O.Reitzel, Miami Fl

2009 PINTA, Feria de Arte Contmporáneo, Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, NYC, NY

2009 'Ritual of Passage' during Art Basel Miami Beach 09, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami, Fl

2009 "American Story" John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

2009 "Latin American Painting Now" NAPLES MUSEUM OF ART, Florida, USA

2008 'Status Quo'Costantini Arte Contemporaneo, Milano,Italia (solo)

2008 'Miart 08: Art Now!',Project Room'(one man show) Feria Internacional de Milano. booth Galeria Lyle O. Reitzel, Milano, Italia (solo)

2008 'Jose Bedia' Galeria Animal, Santiago de Chile, Chile (solo)

2008 PINTA 08 Metropolitan Pavillion,Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, New York, NY

2008 "Giants of the city" co-lateral Art Basel Miami Beach 09, Bayfront Park,Miami, Fl

2008 "Dominican Power & Solid Friends" co-lateral 'Art Basel Miami Beach 09', Wynwood Art District, Lyle O.Reitzel Gallery, Miami, Fl.

2008 'Arte BA 08' Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, booth Lyle O. Reitzel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008 "Arteamericas 08"Latinamerican Art Fair, booth Galeria Lyle O.Reitzel, Miami Beach, Florida

2008 'CIRCA 08' International Contemporary Art Fair, booth Lyle O. Reitzel, San Juan, PR

2008 A mi aire, Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires (solo)

2008 Makishi Nikishi, Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, Santo Domingo (solo)

2008 Cuba. Artists experience their country, New Jersey, Hunterdon Museum of Art. Curated by de Kristen Accola

2008 Surrounded by water: Expresions of freedom and isolation in contemporary Cuban art, Boston Unversity art gallery, Boston

2007 "El Triunfo de la Locura (XII aniversario) " Galeria Lyle O. Reitzel , Santo Domingo, RD

2007 "First Hand" Fredric Stnizer Gallery, Miami, Fl.USA (solo)

2007 'Art Basel Miami Beach 08'In-Project' booth Fredric Stnizer Gallery, Miami, Fl.USA (solo)

2007 'IM-PULSE' Galeria Ramis Barquet, Chelsea,New York, NY, USA (solo)

2007 'Jose Bedia:paintings & drawings 1992-2006' George Adams Gallery, New York, NY, USA (solo)

2007 'Imagenes Primigenias' Enlace Arte Contemporaneo, Lima, Peru (solo)

2007 'CIRCA 07'obra reciente: pinturas & dibujos' booth Galeria Lyle O. Reitzel,, San Juan, Puerto Rico (solo)

2007 "PINTA 07" The Latinamerican Art Fair, booth Lyle O.Reitzel, Metropolitan Pavilion,New York, NY

2006 'Jose Bedia:Obras Recientes 2002-2005'. Museo de Arte Moderno & Lyle O. Reitzel, Santo Domingo. RD

2006 Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, Stand Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, Miami Beach, FL

2006 Art Basel Miami Beach, Galeria Ramis Barquet; Galeria Nina

2006 Menocal, Fred Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL

2006 ARCO 06, Stand Galeria Ramis Barquet, Madrid Spain

2006 José Bedia: The State of Things, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL (solo)

2006 Arteamericas, Galeria Ramis Barquet, Coconut Grove, FL

2005 Galeria SPATIVM, Caracas, Venezuela (solo)

2005 AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, New York City, .NY

2005 Arte, religione, politica, PAC, milano, Milan, Italy

2005 Museo Jaureguia, Navarra Spain

2005 ARCO 05, Stand galleria Ramis Barquet, Madrid , Spain

2005 Arte Americas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2005 Contra Corriente: 10 años, Galería Lyle O. Reitzel, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

2005 There, Around the corner, Galería Ramis Barquet, New York (solo)

2005 Galería Ramis Barquet, Monterrey, México (solo)

2004 ARCO 04 Feria de Arte Contemporaneo: Galería Ramis Barquet, Galería Nina Menocal, Madrid , Spain

2004 Galleria Claudio Poleschi, Lucca, Italy (solo)

2004 Estremecimientos, Museo de Badajoz, Badajoz, Spain (solo)

2004 Estremecimientos, Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain (solo)

2004 El jaguar y la Anaconda, Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL (solo)

2004 Erase una vez en México, 8 Pintores Cubanos, Instituto de México en Miami, Miami FL

2004 Armory show, Galería Nina Menocal, NY

2004 'Montruos, monstricos y aspirantes' Galeria Lyle O. Reitzel, Santo Domingo, RD

2003 Narraciones Incompletas, nina menocal Gallery, Mexico City (solo)

2003 What the Virgin Told Me, Galeria Ramis Barquet, New York (solo)

2003 Cantor Center, Stanford University, Stanford (solo)

2003 Nsila: The way in Congo, Museum Stanford University, Stanford (solo)

2003 You Had to be There, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami (solo)


2003 José Bedia – Opere recenti, Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, Florence, Italy (solo)

2002 The Transportable Cultural Hero, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis (solo)

2002 A Selection of Works by José Bedia, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis (solo)

2002 Blanco Espiritual, Museo de Bellas Artes, Granada (solo)

2002 Proverbs, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami (solo)

2002 Fieldwork/José Bedia, Centre Gallery, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami (solo)

2002 José Bedia, Gallagher Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (solo)

2001 Condición Visionaria, Iturralde Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)

2001 Works on Paper, Galeria Ramis Barquet, New York (solo)

2001 Back in Africa, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami (solo)

2001 Elson Artist-In-Residence Project: José Bedia, Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover (solo)

2000 José Bedia: Rodeado de Mar, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach (solo)

2000 Fragmentos de una Historia, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami (solo)

2000 Things We Need, George Adams Gallery, New York (solo)

2000 Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona (solo)

1999 José Bedia, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, France; Annina Nosel Gallery, New York (solo)

1999 José Bedia, Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami

1999 (MOMA), New York, NY, USA (solo)

1999 José Bedia, Fleisher Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia (solo)

1998 Primera Bienal de Lima, Lima (solo)

1998 20/21: José Bedia, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha (solo)

1998 Crónicas Americanas. José Bedia, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City (solo)

1998 My Essentialness, David Floria Gallery, Aspen (solo)

1998 José Bedia. Pintura Reciente, Galería OMR, Mexico City (solo)

1998 José Bedia: The Island, the Hunter and the Prey, Edin Ulrich Museum of Art,

1998 Objetos de Trueque, Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Miami (solo)

1997 Animals’ History, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Coral Gables (solo)

1997 Objects and Installations, George Adams Gallery, New York (solo)

1997 Crónicas Americanas. Obras de José Bedia, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO), Monterrey (solo)

1997 The Island, the Hunter and the Prey, Santa Fe (solo)

1997 José Bedia, Der Brucke Arte Internacional, Buenos Aires (solo)

1996 Mi Esencialismo, Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin; Ireland (solo)

1996 Tademuseo, Pori, Finland; George Adams Gallery, New York (solo)

1996 New Drawings, Fredic Snitzer Gallery, Coral Gables (solo)

1995 Cosas Redondas / Round things, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale (solo)

1995 Mundele Quiere Saber / White Person Wants to Know, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, (solo)
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