William Powhida

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Magical Thinking  
Man Bartlett, Nick Fortunato, Johannah Herr, Baptiste Ibar, Kristen Jensen, Meghan LeBorious, Steve Pauley, William Powhida, Sarada Rauch, Garric Simonsen, Jacqueline Skaggs, Jade Townsend, Eric Trosko, Letha Wilson at Platform Gallery June 3rd, 2010 - June 30th, 2010
Posted 5/4/13
Magical Thinking Or, What's the Difference Between Art and Magic? by JEN GRAVES Meghan LeBorious' "Salt Offering" + Enlarge this Image Powhida’s spell on an artist he hates. A “magic staff ” by an unknown artist. + Enlarge this Image + Enlarge this Image + Enlarge this Image William Powhida has been warned. "This dabbling in the occult seems highly dangerous," a commenter wrote on Powhida's blog, after reading about the show Powhida co-organized at... [more]
Re-Heating Tips   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
lément Bagot, steven bindernagel, Ajit Chauhan, Gustavo Diaz, Curtis Mann, Justin McAllister, Todd Norsten, William Powhida, Jonathan Rider, Rebecca Salter, Mathias Schmied, Lauren Seiden, Julianne Swartz, Jill Sylvia, Ana Tiscornia, Daniel Zeller at Josee Bienvenu Gallery June 30th, 2011 - September 3rd, 2011
Posted 8/22/11
Formally, what the sixteen artists of microwave,  have in common is the use of grids or grid-like structures in creating works of detailed complexity. The grid can be seen as a means of arranging sensory and abstract experiences into a system of information that the human mind can absorb and understand. In this light, a traditional painting can be defined as a locus of visual and tactile data contained on the surface of a tabular rectangle. A ledger is a grid format that arranges information... [more]
A Portrait of a Portrait of a Portrait   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Tamas Banovich, Jason Robert Bell, Ursula Endlicher, Yevgeniy Fiks, Kate Gilmore, Alexa Meade, Jenny Morgan, William Powhida, Chris Verene at Postmasters April 2nd, 2010 - May 8th, 2010
Posted 4/19/10
    Portraiture, one of the most time honored practices in the history of art, may go in and out of vogue, but will never lose its place as an elemental expression of the human persona. Acting as one point of entry into an endless topic, Mirror, Mirror is simply a show that brings together a diverse variety of contemporary explorations of the portrait. By no means comprehensive (and not trying to be), this is a nice collection of works across genres that are tied together by their... [more]
William Powhida @ Charlie James  
William Powhida at Charlie James Gallery October 24th, 2009 - December 5th, 2009
Posted 11/4/09
by William Powhida at Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown was the demonstration of an artists love/hate relationship with the art world.  Powhida’s show contained hand written lists, letters, and newspaper articles directed towards the artists of today.  My personal favorite was the list of ‘Tips for Artists who want to Sell.’ Number 12 is one of the funniest critiques I have heard of video art in a very long time – “Performance and video are for porn” – is something I would completely agree... [more]
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