Kohshin Finley

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Make Their Gold Teeth Ache, 7/16/15 Mixed Media © Moberg Gallery
Camouflage for the Modern Man, 2015 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 40 X 30 X 1.5 Inches © Kohshin Finley
Blessing, 2015 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 12x12 © Kohshin Finley
Mirror of the Night, 2015 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 14x18" © Kohshin Finley
Things You Should Know by Now, 2016 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvs 28x42" © Kohshin Finley
Never the Time for This, 2016 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvs 16x20" © Kohshin Finley
Only Way to Make the News at 25, 2015 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 24x36" © Kohshin Finley
Black Like Me, 2016 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 42x56" © Kohshin Finley
A Certain Kind of Freedom, 2017 Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas 12x12" © Kohshin Finley
Quick Facts
Lives in
Los Angeles
Otis College of Art and Design, 2012
painting, figurative, mixed-media, traditional

Kohshin is currently in Los Angeles, CA. He received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design. 

Los Angeles’ graffiti covered walls and sign-lettered awnings are as artistically inspiring to Kohshin as the classic works of the Renaissance. Just as a songwriter tells stories through rhythm and melody, he tells his stories with brushes and paint. The subjects of these paintings are captured in a vulnerable state of being, at their most honest and revealing. Poems and short tales are written in diaristic scrawls throughout the paintings as if the characters wrote them. Kohshin creates paintings in this way to showcase his own vulnerabilities, and to give the viewer permission to discover something about themselves when viewing his paintings. Kohshin utilizes traditional oil painting techniques and contemporary text-based imagery to communicate a character’s emotional travels; where they were; where they are; and where they will be.