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Out of This Garden Grows...

The Learning Visit yielded two days-worth of meaningful contributions from its attendees – histories, fears, challenges, dreams, triumphs, promises, successes, practical applications, and obstacles were all unpacked. Ellen Baxter, BHC's Founder and Executive Director, revealed campfire morsels from a treasure trove of experiences. And, a common goal sat at the center of it all, to which we were all conjoined. As the ancient saying goes, ‘We were all spokes of the same wheel.’ “Gourmet... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 6/30

THE FUTURE OF ART: Haile King-Rubie Celebrates New Art & Another Trip Around the Sun

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Harlem Besame will unveil a new exhibition featuring the art of Haile King-Rubie - a triumphant young man whose unique perspective, as an artist living with Downs Syndrome, has given him an extraordinary view of the world.  The Opening Reception will also double as the 26th birthday celebration for the artist, whose special day is a robust tradition celebrated by his family and a lifetime community of friends who know him for his loving and creative spirit, and who... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 5/7/16

THE FUTURE OF ART: Fabiola Jean-Louis Rewrites History

Recently exhibited at Harlem School of the Arts' freshly renovated Gallery Space, Fabiola Jean-Louis' is an interdisciplinary series that serves up a ride through antiquity and imagination. Modern period dresses, fashioned almost entirely from paper, become actors in a photographic essay that challenges notions of reality, time and space. Visual, sculptural and performative at once, the artist creates a world that embodies an alternate past where people of color might have lived as royalty and... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 4/9/16

Art, Love, Rock & Roll: An Interactive Tribute to Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland fans paid tribute to the fallen rock star at an interactive tribute event held at MIST Harlem on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. The event revolved around an art exhibition which included a 40"x50" oil portrait of Weiland painted in 2014. It additionally featured music video presentatons, a sing-along, and a live art happening in which guests and fans from around the world contributed their favorite lyrics to another portrait-in-progress. This one, at 4x6 feet, is even more monumental... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 1/15/16

Scott Weiland: I Could Paint 100 Pictures....

2014: I woke up one Summer day and realized Scott Weiland was still here. Not just here, amongst the living, but in music; still arguably relevant, writing, performing and most of all, reinventing. For thirty solid years - despite a famously haunting drug addiction, a near fatal overdose (at least one that I know of), innumerable arrests and stints in rehab, prison time, a birthday crash, three marriages, and being fired from his own band - he had never missed a beat. He was the epicenter of... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 12/7/15

This is not an ending...

On Saturday, October 31st, when all of New York was abuzz with Halloween fun and fright, the last of 461 Studio & Gallery artists were emptying their contents into U-Haul trucks, donation bins and dumpsters. The building, located at 461 West 126th Street in Harlem’s factory district, is now closed after eight years of service to working artists and the Harlem arts community at-large. At any given time, chashama – which means “to have vision” – operates between 15-25 work and exhibition... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 10/31/15

All You Need Is...A Little Inspiration

was originally believed to come from the gods or was, perhaps, thought to be whispered in the wind. Centuries in, it became understood that everything around us was food for imagination, and that artistic magic was not just in the wind, but could be whispered from one of us to another. Summer 2015: Twelve young men from the Youth Shelter of Westchester embarked on a visual adventure with international artist, Ouattara Watts. The journey carried them to four leading venues in... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 9/3/15

WHO WE ARE: Celebrating A Community and Its Art

Art, for Broadway Housing Communities, has been a connector and a vehicle of intention and pride. Understanding its significance in engaging, building and strengthening communities, the organization has woven the value of arts and culture into its practice since opening the doors of their first residential development in 1986. It is BHC's mission to counter poverty and homelessness through an affordable and supportive housing model that now encompasses seven apartment buildings in West Harlem... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 8/14/15

FLUX: Dawn of the Harlem Art Fair

Last weekend, Harlem welcomed the - its first contemporary art fair. The event launched with a VIP reception on Wednesday, May 13th and was open to the public Thursday, May 14th through Sunday, the 17th. FLUX had been hard-fought by its organizer, Leanne Stella of Art in Flux -especially with the building under hard-hat construction up to the eleventh hour. All came together beautifully in the end, and the FLUX Art Fair waxed luminous against a backdrop of higher profile art events... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 5/25/15

Jewelry's Triumphant Return

This season, I was inspired to take on a Trunk Show at The Studio Museum in Harlem. It would feature works from my (little-known, but once wildly popular) jewelry collection. Patrons and friends whom I've known for a very long time are familiar with this work; most newer friends know me as an artist, curator and writer, and have only seen the few jewelry pieces I wear everyday, almost like a uniform. I asked for and agreed to this show without realizing that it had been at least two years since... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 5/24/15

Finding Dante: A "Think Piece" for The Mayor, NYPD and the Nation

Rico Washington and Shino Yanagawa are a documentary team. He is a journalist; she is a photographer. Together, they create projects that will encourage dialogue around issues they deem important. They call their brand of collaboration . And, as their current project demonstrates, they can be extremely spontaneous. After the Eric Garner verdict and consequent protests in late 2014, Washington was inspired to put together a project that would engage community youth, families and , hopefully,... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 3/8/15

Michael Goldberg's Final Mark

Michael Goldberg was in his fifties when the graffiti blanketed New York City in the 1980s. A 'second-generation' abstract expressionist, lifetime professor and Lower East Side resident at the time, he found himself smack in the midst of intense cultural upheaval, drawing itself out by the young and disenfranchised, directly onto the pavement and subway cars.He absorbed it right into his palette. This work is currently on-view at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in an exhibition of paintings and... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 2/14/15

All This WInter Needs is a Burst of Color!

In the heart of Winter, color is exploding at Harlem's La Maison d'Art, where artist, Tomo Mori's debut curatorial undertaking - -has energized the elegant, garden gallery space. The exhibition, as the name implies, experiments with color, and creates a dialog between the works of two artists; both using meticulous and non-traditional approaches to the ancient technique of collage. Along with Mori's signature canvas-on-canvas collages, the exhibition includes photo-montages created by Capucine... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 1/6/15

MUSIC is LIFE: Speakers of the Universal Language

Our relationship with music begins in the womb. Our beating hearts, in unison with mother’s, become the first chorus. From that moment, we are skipping from one beat to the next; measuring moments in song and stringing together the soundtrack of life. Music enters the mind and affects the senses like no other art-form. The people who create it wield the power to inspire, revolutionize and change. They become ambassadors of a language that permeates all culture and time, as music invades spaces... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 11/29/14

Bryan Christie: This Image Tightly Held

Posted by Omo Misha on 8/25 | View the full blog list HEREBryan Christie's new work is a walk through a dimly lit dream. Biomorphic shapes, drenched and floating, appear more necessary than aesthetic. Yet, there is a subtle beauty about each image - haunting, unsettling and almost archaic. Perhaps you are drawn by Christie’s use of mysterious hues; or grasping at something academic, hovering just above your intelligence. Whatever it may be, your inquiry continues until you have at last... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 8/25/14

Art breaks the Ice in Sugar Hill

Posted by Omo Misha on 8/2 | View the full blog list HERE No Longer Empty's "If You Build It" has been, hands-down, the most exciting visual art event Harlem has experienced in modern history. Taking place at the future home of Broadway Housing Communities' Sugar Hill Apartments, the long-anticipated architectural project has attracted as many admirers as the spectacular art currently nestled inside. Designed by world-class architect, David Adjaye, the building is Broadway Housing's... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 8/2/14

Touching the Abstract

Posted by Omo Misha on 6/21 | View the full blog list HEREI am awed by artists and writers who are driven wholly by imagination: Abstract painters, passionately led by mood and color and, by the same token; fiction writers, beautifully fabricating tales that enthrall us for lifetimes. As a creative person, in both images and in words, my work has remained representational. I translate lived experiences, knowing that the singular imaginative element of my work is my voice. I understand this to... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 6/21/14

Studio Museum Exhibit Shines a Light on the American South

 Posted by Omo Misha on 5/7 Trenton Doyle Hancock's juts out to greet you as you enter The Studio Museum's main gallery. In a fascinating balancing act, the arm extends a pail of curious pink liquid. The installation is said to unfold a super-heroic battle between two imaginary factions: The Mounds, half-human, half-plant creatures, and  The Vegans - characters from  the artist's original stories. The liquid is a urethane concoction that points to self-taught artist, Henry Darger (1892-1973),... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 5/7/14

The Best of "100 Best"

Posted by Omo Misha on 4/5 | View the full blog list HERE is a nifty museum companion - just the perfect size to stuff in your purse for an outing. The book includes descriptions of paintings from nine local museums including The Met, MoMA, Guggenheim, The Whitney, Brooklyn, The Frick Collection, The Cloisters, The Neue Galerie and The Hispanic Society of America. In the event you wish to visit these institutions, the book devotes an entire spread to each, listing its hours, directions and... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 4/5/14

Introducing: THE FUTURE OF ART

Posted by Omo Misha on 3/20 | View the full blog list HEREAs time rolls on, I begin to think more about what I will leave behind. Not just my name, legacy, material things and such, but how I will help cultivate the next generation of artists. There are a number of ways to do this - this is just one of them. As a young artist, as far back as high school, I probably did some of my best painting. Entering college, however, I chose another major because I saw no future in fine art. As I later... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 3/20/14

Uptown Girls Rocking the Arts!

Posted by Omo Misha on 3/16 | View the full blog list HERE These are not Billy Joel's . These are the proverbial paint-slinging cowgirls of the Wild, Wild West - West Harlem, that is. They've got voices as loud as bombs and are suffering no loss for talent. That's become abundantly clear this  Women’s History Month as a host of art happenings unfold above 110th Street. Through the arts – visual, literary and performing – women have increasingly raised our voices, spread creativity, and... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 3/16/14

WOMEN'S WORK: Multi-media Exhibition at the LeRoy Neiman Art Center

Posted by Omo Misha on 3/15 | View the full blog list HEREIn celebration of Women’s History Month and beyond, The LeRoy Neiman Art Center presents - an exhibition highlighting the work of ten New York artists, including Amber Doe, Beatrice Lebreton, Chanel Kennebrew, Kathleen Granados, Monique Schubert, Myrah Brown Green, Nancy Elsamanoudi, Valerie Deas, Wilhemina Grant and Xia Gordon. Their backgrounds, experiences and media vary widely; they are emerging, mid-career and established; they... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 3/15/14