Andrea Lynn Kutsenkow

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Quick Facts
Weirton, West Virginia
Birth year
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New York City
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Fine Art and Fashion in New York City
Christie's Education New York, 2013, M.A. in the History of Art and the Art Market: Modern and Contemporary Art
Parsons School of Design, 2012, Fashion Studies
The Pennsylvania State University, 2011, B.A. in Art History, B.A. in Integrative Arts, Minor in Psychology

Andrea Lynn Kutsenkow:  Despite growing up in a small town in western Pennsylvania rarely ever included on maps, where there's nothing to do for miles and whose residents don't travel too far from home, stay away for too long, or concern themselves with art or fashion, Andrea Lynn Kutsenkow firmly believes her move to New York City has provided her with the training and tools necessary to achieve her goals in an ever changing art world. Even before graduating from high school, Andrea always saw her undergraduate education at The Pennsylvania State University as a stepping stone to even higher education, initially believing medical school was the next logical step after college. Like many incoming freshmen, she was under the impression only a curriculum in science could ever result in a successful career. However, everything changed with a single art history elective and a trip to New York City to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since then, more classes in the humanities have followed and have stimulated Andrea's thinking and creativity in ways science never could.  Ultimately, half way through her undergraduate education, Andrea decided to change her major from premedicine to a double major in art history and integrative arts with a minor in psychology. No regrets. Since her move, Andrea has held temporary positions at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Christie’s Auction House. In 2013 she graduated with an M.A. in The History of Art and the Art Market from Christie’s Education New York. Recently she has kept herself busy by learning more about lingerie at Journelle, co-teaching an online high school level probability and statistics course, voluteering for Augusta Auctions and publishing short reviews through M Daily, an online blog about New York's scene and people. Andrea continues to have many interests. Currently her research interests include experimental fashion, fashion’s place within the art museum and contemporary artists who explore the human body and its adornment.