Osmeli Delgado

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"Red Heart", 2013 Plaster And Acrylic 9" X 6" X 6" Inches © by Osmeli Delgado
"Radiant Heart", 2014 Paper 9" X 6" X 6" Inches © by Osmeli Delgado
"Vulnerability", 2014 Clay, Acrylic And Needles 9" X 6" X 6" Inches © by Osmeli Delgado
"Appearance", 2013 Leather 9" X 6" X 6" Inches © by Osmeli Delgado
"Harmony", 2014 Clay 12"X12"X9" © Osmeli delgado
"Identity", 2014 Plaster And Straws 6"X6"X9 © Osmeli Delgado
"Avarice", 2014 Paper 6"X6"X9" © Osmeli Delgado
"Native Love", 2014 Plaster And Rope 6"X6"X9" © Osmeli delgado
"Attachment", 2014 Clay 6"X6"X9" © Osmeli Delgado
"Stitched Heart", 2014 Paper 6"X6"X9" © Osmeli Delgado
Heart, 2014 Sculpture 15x20x5 © Osmeli Delgado
Resilient, 2015 Plaster And Leather 45" X 30" X 25" © © Anais Delgado. All rights reserved
"New Work, New York", January - February 2016
© Osmeli Delgado
Quick Facts
Lives in
Central University of Venezuela, 2008, Architect
National Academy School of Fine Arts, 2014, Sculptor


Osmeli Delgado was born in Venezuela where from infancy art played a key role in her life as she grew up surrounded by artists in her mother’s art gallery.  She studied drawing and painting through most of her upbringing and graduated in 2008 from the Universidad Central de Venezuela with a degree in Architecture.   She practiced architecture for four years in her native country applying her skills and creative aesthetic to interior design projects.

Having always been a student of drawing and painting, the tridimensional aspects of architecture naturally led Osmeli to the formal study of sculpture where she became completely enamored with the medium.

In 2011, she decided to follow her passion, move to New York, and dedicate herself wholeheartedly to her art.   She studied sculpture with different teachers until being accepted into the Certificate Program at the National Academy of Art in 2013.

In 2014, one of her sculptures was featured and received Honorable Mention in a group show at the Gechtoff Gallery of the National Academy.


The human heart is a protagonist in the game of life, as well as being responsible for many other functions, such as being the generator of our emotions and the place where our most powerful dreams reside.

In my life, I have found myself walking many different paths and engaging in actions that were dictated more by what came my way and what others expected of me, than my deepest and yet unspoken desires.  During this time my heart barely stirred and nothing that I did awoke the passions within it.  When I came to this realization, I decided to change my life and began a profound inward journey in search of discovering what truly moved me.  Coincidentally, it was then that I began to develop in my sculpture what has come to be known as the HEART SERIES.

Often times, the most profound and ultimately  welcome change of extraordinary spiritual growth can be preceded by the darkest and most painful periods where we lose faith and cannot understand why everything around us is unraveling so uncontrollably.  By making myself an observer as opposed to a judge or an editor of my emotions, I began to understand that these periods are a necessary exercise of cleansing and purging in process of defining our lives, and that all emotions have their place and I need not judge them as good or bad, as all are part of the constant, dynamic ebb and flow of life.  This lesson has served me well in my creative growth where process, not intent, is key.

As a sculptor and an architect, it is very important for me to express my ideas three-dimensionally, and in my process I allow the colors and the materials to define the unique personality and nuance of the piece that will later be experienced by viewers in a very individual way.

Osmeli Delgado




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