Meg FitzRoy

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Saudi Arabia
Lives in
Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
San Francisco State University, 2005, BA Painting and Animation
University of Glasgow, 2011, M.Lit 20th Century Art History

I am interested in the point where macro meets mico. I like to look at systems and then figure out how one small element can gum up the whole process. I think humans are simultanously good at hear and self destructive - I also think art is wonderful reflection of humans. And despite any post structioalism theory to the contrary, I can't help but have faith in the power of all creative  endevours. 

I am the child of a Jamiacan immigrant, and I was born abraod. SInce becoming an adult I have lived in both Austraila and London indepent of my family. I have always seen travel as a crucial form of education, and I have always seen art as an intrisic part of the human condition. The world is too full of wonder to get stuck in just one part of it, I want to see how all of it works - the macro and the micro that makes it all work. 

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