Anna Belleforte

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Budapest series: Voids of Pest 1, 2018 Papier Collé, Acrylic, Oil Pastel 100x150cm © Anna Belleforte
Budapest series: Voids of Pest 2, 2018 Papier Collé, Acrylic, Oil Pastel 100x150cm © Anna Belleforte
Budapest series: Voids of Pest 3, 2018 Papier Collé, Acrylic, Oil Pastel 100x150cm © Anna Belleforte
My Forever House (Holy Houses), 2017 Papier Collé, Acrylic 61x91cm © Anna Belleforte
My Forever House, 2017 Sequential Collage, Outdoor Installation 100x90cm Each © Anna Belleforte
Neither Here Nor There: Ascension, 2018 Papier Collé, Acrylic 38x40cm © Anna Belleforte
Irrealities: Common Grounds, 2017 Collage, Pen, Acrylic 31x60cm © Anna Belleforte
Irrealities: Antillean Dream, 2017 Collage, Pen, Acrylic 40x50cm © Anna Belleforte
Irrealities: ChateauX, 2017 Collage, Pen, Acrylic 42x61cm © Anna Belleforte
Architactile: Skin Deep, 2016 Papier Collé 30x42cm + Variable Prints © Anna Belleforte
Architactile: Into the Wild, 2016 Papier Collé 30x42cm + Variable Prints © Anna Belleforte
Architactile: Personal Space, 2016 Papier Collé 30x42cm + Variable Prints © Anna Belleforte
Myth-building: Thinking, 2015 Collage & Acrylic 42x30cm © Anna Belleforte
Myth-building: Flight, March 2015 Collage & Acrylic 30x50cm © Anna Belleforte
Myth-building: Stirring Collage And Watercolour 40x30 Cm
Quick Facts
Lives in
the Netherlands
Works in
Amersfoort, Netherlands
figurative, sculpture, mixed-media

Coming from a background in architectural conservation, I am naturally drawn to buildings, especially  those that have stood the test of time. It is often what I observe in the urban environment that inspires me to create. Buildings and cities tell stories and I feel the need to be an interpreter in some way: recording places and collective or personal experiences, but also making visible abstract or intangible things. I love the storytelling potential of art, spending time with colours and engaging both mind and hands. Through my creative journey I have discovered that I am by nature a builder, whether with bricks or images.

My work has evolved into a combination of being illustrative and observational, while also being grounded in the philosophical and conceptual. Every new series plays with perspective, fragmentation and/or scale, referencing our inability to oversee and process the vast scale at which cause and effect happens in the world we build.

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