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Short Biography

Short Biography

Linda Cleary is a poet - writer – performer, originally from UK with a theatre background and Diploma in LAMDA Speech and Drama. As well as her own work as a writer, actor and performer – and working with musicians to create live performances and with film makers on various poetry films she has also created installations using text/audio and image exhibited in several prominent galleries. Linda has been delivering workshops in creative writing, theatre and related arts for many years; working in Holland, Czech Republic, Australia, UK and Egypt and currently provides courses at Diwan, Egypt and is Director of The Writers' Centre; follow the blog to keep up to date with all courses, workshops and events offered:

She is also Editor in Chief at Rowayat and runs a small arts residency in Cairo



Links to photo albums and descriptions of some my previous work

Latest Poetry Film

Kill Your Darlings

new poetry film - 1st in a trilogy



Disembodied (2008)

Disembodied is a powerful 7 minute concept piece and a mosaic of poetry and mixed media examining the sense of detachment afforded by the new age. The tales of three people are told through poems on an ansamachine with film, moving image, music and performance elaborating the story. Disembodied became interested in exploring the paradox in a modern society in which we have more ways to communicate and yet less intimacy; thus the idea of a series of ansamachine messages left by characters that were dead. I was fortunate to meet and collaborate with two film makers; and Brian Johnson.



Tarantismo Project (2007)

The Tarantismo was a ritualistic dance from south Italy danced by the rural women to rid the effect of a mythical spider bite; also called 'morso d'amore', bite of love.
The work uses the Tarantismo as a springboard but contemporises, agitates and explores its political and social aspects; our social spiderbite, our collective and personal 'morso d'amore'. It creates an arena of discomfort as well as beauty, questions the theme of madness and accepted ideas of desire, love, loss and gender role.

The installation is presented as in a rudimentary living room with text presented in various mediums along with audio, image, film and has recently been added to with text & textile fusions; 'a coat of delusion' for instance made from old msns and emails. This work included contributions from a wide international community and several workshops and performances accompanied the installation.

'Powerful, uncompromising. Tough, lyrical beauty. Packs poetic punches with aching sensitivity. A unique new voice. If you need a comparison, think; a young Joolz Denby, laced with Patti Smith overtones.' (Apples&Snakes)

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Arts Council England


photos of the installation

trailer for the work

photos that featured in the installation



Live spoken word and performance shows (various)

Darb 1718, Cairo:

Other shows:



*As well as my own writing, spoken word and performance work and delivering courses and running the Writers' Centre; you can see many photos, adverts, information, descriptions and posts here: I also organise and host salons and events – here are just some of what I do (all events and courses can be viewed on the Writers' Centre blog):


Literary Salon On The Nile (2013)



Rowayat Literary Journal Launch (2013)


Dreams & Writing Course in Bahareya Oasis & Desert (2013)


Spoken Word on the Radio event (2013)


Open Mic at Writers' Centre (2013)


Salon (2012)


Writers' Iftar (2012)


Open Mic at Darb 1718 (2011)


Residential Creative Writing course in Fayoum Oasis (2010)


Creative Writing Classes at Diwan

I have been delivering courses every month at Diwan since mid 2010. On average I have 25 new students per month. Diwan is one of the largest national bookstores in Egypt: You can see adverts of my course there throughout my timelines on both Writers' Centre and Arts Residency Cairo blogsites.