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The One Minutes is a global platform for moving images. Since 1999, The One Minutes has produced and distributed over 10.000 video works from makers of 120 different nationalities. This unique network has largely been built by former students of the Sandberg Instituut. The One Minutes has its base in the institute and is involved in most of the video projects2. We offer students an opportunity to experiment with video in their work and we offer a platform for international exposure via screenings and exhibitions. An important activity is producing a monthly video art magazine, 24 one minutes, which is curated by guests. Thirty museums and cultural spaces around the world are subscribers, and show it within their organisations.

We're pleased to announce our new series for 2014: 
'Ways of Something', a contemporary remake of John Berger’s documentary 'Ways of Seeing' (1972), curated by Canadian artist Lorna Mills.
'Death / Rebirth - Revolution / Post-revolution', how death or destruction of prevailing structures can be regarded as a state of potentiality that may lead to new creation by J&K, a contemporary artists duo, based in Berlin and Copenhagen.
'To How To'
 by Hans Aarsman, a Dutch photographer, author and photo detective. As well as series by Gerard Herman, visual artist from Belgium and Laurel Nakadate, visual artist from Brooklyn.

This year, celebrating our 15th anniversary, theNetherlands Institute for Sound and Vision will digitalise our archive and make the collection accessible.

Julia van Mourik is the new director of The One Minutes team. Julia will lead The One Minutes into a future full of new challenges. The Sandberg Instituut looks forward to explore together with her the great potential that moving images have for art and for the world.