Amin Roshan

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The Red Shoes, 20013 Acrylicand Silc Screen With Crude Oil On Canvas 136×163
Arena , 20013 Acrylicand Silc Screen With Crude Oil On Canvas 140×170
A Bouquet, 20013 Acrylicand Silk Screen With Crude Oil On Canvas 125×157
Father's Pipe, 20013 Silk Screen Acrylic Crude Oil On Canvas 190×110
To Follow REZA SHAH, 20013 Acrylicand Silk Screen With Crude Oil On Canvas 140×170
Foar Mother Earth, 2013 Acrylic / Silk Screen / Crude Oil 170 140 Cm
Lion and the Bull On Blow Torch, 2013 Engraving On Blow Torch 21.5*12*25 Cm
Protect Me From What I Want, 2013 Engraving On Helmet 48*22.5*28.5 Cm
Neither East nor West, so what?, 2013 Water Color And Print 48 67 Cm
Suliman's Rug, 2015 Silk Screen Crude Oil, Acrylic On Canvas 150 150cm
Mother modernity, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil, Acrylic On Canvas 150 200 Cm
Oil company employees , 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil On Canvas 90 120cm
The Beginning Of Modernism, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil On Canvas 90 120 Cm
Arab Woman, 2013 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 90 120cm
Bakhtiari man and well number one, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 120 120 Cm
English Lunch in Bakhtiari's Tent, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 130 170cm
Reza Shah the king of Iran, 2011 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 100 100 Cm
"Naftoon" Performance, 2011 Performance
"Naftoon", 2011 Performance
"Naftoon", 2011 Performance
Arena with Plane, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 140 170cm
"Naftoon", 2011 Performance
Jikak's Crown Series, 2013 Engraving On Helmet 49 27 31 Cm
Flower and Nightingale, 2012 Engrawing On Helmet 49 27 31 Cm
Ancestors, 2012 Silk Screen Crude Oil Acrylic On Canvas 135 170cm
Camouflage with Earth, 2016 Silk Screen On Military Uniform 75 60cm
JikK's Crown, 2012 Engraving On Helmet 49 27 31 Cm
Ancestors, 2013 Silk Screen (Crude Oil & Acrylic) 135 170cm
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School of Visual Arts - Ahwaz, 1999, 2001
Associates Degree In Graphic Design, 2001, 2003
BD Graphic design Enghelab University, 2009, 20012
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Silk Screen With Crude Oil, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, pop, surrealism, photography, digital, exhibition/performance, Illustration, photo

It is not easy to say why I have chosen oil. Living in an oil land and an oil family is not the sole answer. The main reason may be its extensive impact and influence, not only on my life and my family, but also on the geography of Iran. 
British presence in “Masjed Soleiman” city was the onset of Iran and Middle East industrialization. Britons lived there for 60 years, some were born and some were died in the city, their graves can still be seen with English fonts; the only intact relic. However I can see a lot of British relics, like its effect on my tribe “Bakhtiari” language and dialect, who still use English words. I was also influenced by this event. 

Once, in December 1919, Henry Berenger said: “He who owns oil ... has empire.” Though correct Berenger words, oil brought a flood of loss to the land of Iran, lasting up to date, instead of empire. 

I was born where the first oil well in the Middle East was discovered, Naftoon district of “Masjed Soleiman” city located in the southwestern of Iran, somewhere near the border of Iran and Iraq. 

My grandfather was a hardworking laborer who worked on these wells for many years. After retirement, he was replaced by my father who retired after 34 years and my older brother took his place. I was 12 years old when my family left the city because of toxic gases release, but all the memories are still vivid to me. Smell of oil streams, childhood games with tar, walking over oil pipelines in the way of school ..., all are still alive for me. Today I draw these childhood images on painting canvas with oil material, crude oil. I collect this crude oil from a valley in Masjed Soleiman. The oil accumulates there from about a hundred years ago and converts the soil to a strange matter, something like black mud but with the color and smell of oil.

I print this material on my works through “silk screen printing.” 


Artist name AMIN ROSHAN
Address: No: 11, First Floor, Sepah Sq, Sepah St, Behnam St, Shahrdar St, Tehran, Iran
+98 9126225764
Born in 1982 in Masjed Soleiman, Iran
Lives and works in Tehran
Education 2010 BA Graphics, - Azad University of Khuzestnan, Iran
2002 A.A Graphics, Tehran University
1997 Graphics Diploma, Ahwaz
Solo Exhibitions
2013 Snow Foam, Homa Gallery, Tehran 2012 Jikak’s Crown, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2011 Naftoon Performance, Tarahan Azad Gallery, Tehran
Selected Group Exhibitions
Edinburgh Iranian Festival
Drawing Week 2, Homa Gallery, Tehran
Where I Sleep, Invisible Line Gallery, London The Rose and the Nightingale, Jamm Gallery, Dubai Black Gold, Performance, Shirin Gallery, Tehran
2013 Peace From The Bottom Of My Art, Opera Gallery, London Collection, Best of Persian Art , Iranian Artist House, Tehran Drawing Week 1, Homa Gallery, Tehran
Painting and sculpture Group Exhibiton, Iranian Artist House, Tehran
Ahwaz Art Contemporary Museum, Khuzestan, Iran
First Year, Irainian Art Forum, Tehran
France Human Rights Exhibition and holding a painting workshop, Nantes, France
Humankind, Settlement & City, Young Artists Competition, London
Salsali Private Museum, Dubai
IAMM Museum, Kuala Lumpur
Private Collections in Europe and the Middle East
Art Fairs
2014 Art Basel, Switzerland
2012 Art Scope, Miami
Selected Bibliography
2014 The Middle East In London Magazine, Volume 10-Number 4, SOAS, June-July, Magazine
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Painting Exhibition In Homa Galley By Janet Rady, No 268,12 Feb 2014, P.8
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2013 Herfeh Honarmand Magazine, Article: "Iranian Identity World Culture" Tehran, No 44,P.97
2013 Peace From The Bottom Of My Art, Opera Gallery (exhibition catalogue), London, P 27
2013 Collection 1, Best of Persian Art, Iranian Art Forum, Tehran
2012 First painting & sculpture annual exhibition of Iranian Artist Forum, (exhibition
catalogue), Tehran
2012 Tehran Art Book, P.116
2009 Book Cover Design 'The Second Iranian Petroleum Engineering Congress' Second
2007 Book Cover Design '1St national Iranian Drilling Industry Congress', First Volume
2010 Book Cover Design 'The frame Without Mask' Interview with documentary filmmakers Of Khuzestan

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