David Isakson

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text message, 2014 Vintage Typewriter Type Bar, Rotary Phone Case 9" X 5" X 5"
action speaks louder than words, 2014 Antique Phone, Bicycle Horn, Paint. 8" X 8" X 2"
circular saw, 2015 Antique Handle, Sawblade 6.5" X 11" X 1"
ipod classic, 2015 Violin, Piano Parts, Flywheel, I Pod, Paint 9" X 18" X 11"
the camera antelope experiment, or sculpture for Fela Kuti, 2015 Flywheel, Antique Drill, Carriage Wheel, 3 Afropicks, 3 35mm Cameras, Antelope Skull. 30" X 15" X 15"
the pay-per-view sim-phony, 2016 Assemblage 30 X 14 X14
grammatology, 2016 Grammaphone Horn, Deer Skull, Camera, Fedora, Empty Shotgun Shells, Filament Bulb. 32 X 21 X 21
a buck off the second fiddle, 2016 Flywheel, Typewriter, Bicycle Headlamp, Metal Wheel, Deer Skull, Violin, Filament Bulb 32 X 14 X 14
shooting pictures, 2016 Flyhweel, Antique Drill, Wooden Wheel, Empty Shotgun Shells, Planter Wheel, 2 Bicycle Headlights, 2 Vintage Leather Camera Cases,Antelope Skull 33 X 12 X 12
on a case by case basis, 2016 Flywheel, Antique Drill, 2 X Broken I Pods, Antelope Skull, 2x Vinatge Leather Camera Cases 28 X 14 X14
home, home on the range, 2016 Flywheel, Drill, Afro Picks, Broken Flashlights, Violin Necks, Antelope Skull Plate 39" X 16" X 12"
shoe-ting gallery or the 8 worldly dharmas, 2016 8 Pairs Mens Shoe's, Large Metal Pulley Wheel. 8 Pistol Targets, Orange Paint, Wooden Crutch. 48 X 33 X 33
activity log, 2016 Flywheel, Grammaphone Horn, Typewriter, "Facebook" Blue Paint. 13 X 12 X 20
the 3rd iPod, 2016 Flywheel, Drill, 78 Lp, Metal 3 Section Dish,2 X 35mm Cameras, 2 X I Pods, Antelope Horns, Paint. 36 X 11 X 11 © David Isakson {2016]
case history, 2016 Violin Case, Fluorescent Light, Antique Folding Camera Cases, Piano Keys, Steel. 52 X 20 X 20 © David Isakson {2016}
the butter-meinhoff phenomenon, 2016 Steel, 2 Large Funnels, Violin Back, Deer Skull, Numeric Keypad, Firearms Dictionary, Magnifying Glass, 23 K Gold Plated Butterdish. 27 X 18 X 13 © David Isakson {2016)
freedom of peach, 2017 Metal Tray, Antique Typewriter Carriage, Gramaphone Horn, Paint. 9 X 20 X 14 © David Isakson, 2017
type_a_personality, 2017 8 Tintypes, 4 Carriage Wheels, Typewriter, Steel. 15 X 16 X 15 © David Isakson
external speaker, April, 2017 Violin, Speaker, Deer Skull, Pistol, Metal Box 21 X17 X 22
krautlaw, 2017 Flywheel, Antique Drill, Pedal Car Wheel, 2 Violin Necks, 2 Goat Skulls, 2 Western Style Cap Pistols, And A Plastic Cabbage 29 X 18 X 20 © David Isakson {2017}
the fascist cocktail shaker, 2017 Leather Boot, License Plate Letters, Bunsen Burner Stand, Pistol Grip, Cocktail Shaker, Steel, Paint 21 X 12 X 1 8 © David Isakson, 2017
no gun intended, 2017 White Plastic Digital Recorder That Says "Make America Great Again" When Pressed, Camera Bellows, Pistol Grip, Cork 8 X 6 X 3 © David Isakson
the fourfold blessing, 2017 Ibm Selectric Typewriter, Steel, 2 Large Sets Of Deer Antlers, 2 Broken I Pods, 4 White Carriage Wheels. 18 X 32 X 12 © David isakson 2017
baron von brains, 2017 Wooden Base, Pilots Hat, Fan Blade, Matte Spray Paint 21 X 7 X 7 © David Isakson 2017
hollow-sink, 2017 Flywheel, Antique Drill, 2 Turn Of The Century Cameras, Lee Enfield Rifle Trigger Guards, Vegetable Brushes, A Ram Skull, And Part Of A Violin. 30 X 16 X 15 © David Isakson 2017
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New Brunswick, NJ
Birth year
Lives in
Oak Park, CA
Works in
Oak Park, CA
Kennebunk High School, 1987, High School
Representing galleries
Betwen Galleries
sculpture, conceptual, modern
Art is Survival




I am a small time operator. I find meaning in the contrast between opposites. My work is an effort to balance mind and body. I use technology against itself.I bring into question modern technology, as a point of reference. I bring antiquated technology, telephone parts, stereoscope viewers, antique drills, violins, piano parts, and animal bones, ad infinitum into a flux where the humor of the combination of materials begins to create, ex machina, meaning in and of itself. My name is David Isakson. I weld and join materials to make humorous deconstructions out of everyday objects. My art is an outsider deconstruction that blurs the distinction between the inside and outside world, thought and feeling.











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