Patrick Segura

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World 354 (still), 2013 Video 00:01:05
World 1-3 (still), 2013 Video 00:03:51
Ambience of Waiting (still), 2013 Video 00:03:25
Portals (interactive still), 2014 Video Game Engine (Unity)
Grand Finals (still), 2014 Video 00:05:00
Portals (interactive, still), 2014 Game Engine (Unity)
Salon © Patrick Segura
© Patrick Segura
World 1-4 (Installation Detail) , 2013 Viewer Gazes Through Gallery Wall, Optically Merging The Virtual Screen From The Left Eye Hole With The View Of The Performance Behind The Gallery Wall From The Right Eye Hole © Patrick Segura
www.po © Patrick Segura
Baren, Level 85 © Patrick Segura
Heater Helmet © Patrick Segura
Quick Facts
New Iberia, Louisiana
Birth year
Lives in
Chicago, IL
Works in
Chicago, IL
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2014, MFA
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2011, BFA
virtuality, pregnancy, games, sex, sculpture, installation, video-art, performance, landscape, exhibition/performance, photo

I work between things - virtuality and the body, nature and video games, pregnancy and landscapes.

I've always wanted to be pregnant, it permeates my work.  Developmental psychology is a place of comparison to how I experience and interact with virtuality.  At early stages in life radical changes to perception, reality, and the self, are in a sensitive flux.  Initially there is no Other, and there is no Outside.  There is only me.  There is no separation, only an enveloping internalization of space.  I am the transitional object- a mechanism to transition from an all inclusive ego to the separate reality.  I use my body similarly as an intermediary object AND subject, something that is part of the inner self yet also part of a "real"ity.

Within virtuality my conscious-ness lies within an intermediary, liminal position, a ritual of constant becoming between body and mind.  Within this crossroads is understanding of both sides.  Liminality can be sacred, seductive, and dangerous, and this crossing is not a place, but, like sex, an intersection.

As a long-term competitive video gamer, I've come to understand variations of virtuality through the lens of competition.  Documentation of a competitive virtual interaction manifested through involuntary actions of the body frames the experience in a unique manner.  At the moment of intensity, the self splits, hovering between two states of being.  Through performance I appropriate and exaggerate these residual gestures of immersion through play.

Play is a significant function, yet transcends the immediate needs of life and imparts meaning to an action.  It is not reducible to a biological instinct, nor to conscious cognition, and there is an inherent aesthetic quality within it.  It is fantasical, and everybody plays. 

Culture is play, art is play, and ritual is play.  I partake in rituals of constant shifts, becoming other selves.  Through this other, virtuality penetrates reality, affecting the body and identity.

This peneration is mutual, both insertive and receptive.  I insert myself into virtuality, and I receive virtuality into me.  A loving relationship, bigendered, and pregnant.



2014  MFA (candidate) in Fiber & Material, Studies School of the Art Institute of Chicago (expected graduation: May 2014)
2011  BFA in Studio Art (Painting), University of Louisiana at Lafayette Louisiana State University

Upcoming Show

April 26–May 14, 2014  MFA Show, SAIC

Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St., 7th floor

Preview reception: Friday, April 25, 5:00–7:00 p.m.
Public reception: Friday, April 25, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Exhibition hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Solo Exhibitions

2012  “…Now Streaming...” Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA

Group Exhibitions

2013 “Looking at Live Sharks in a Tank” The Nightingale, Chicago, IL
2013 "Real Estate" 6018 North Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013  EXPO Chicago, SAIC Booth, Chicago, IL
2013 “Experimental 3D” Autumn Space Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013 “Annex Show” School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2012  “Ritual Reality,” School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2012  “Redheaded Stepchild,” Homespace Gallery, Satellite of Prospect 2, New Orleans, LA
2011  “Deaton & Segura,” Gallery at Grant, Lafayette, LA
2011  “Surface Discourse,” Gallery at Grant, Lafayette, LA
2011  “BFA Thesis Exhibition,” Paul & Lulu Hilliad University Art Museum, Lafayette, LA
2011  “UL Juried Student Exhibition,” UL Lafayette Student Union Gallery, Lafayette, LA
2010  “UL Juried Student Exhibition,” UL Lafayette Student Union Gallery, Lafayette, LA


2014  Professional Development Fellowship in the Visual Arts - College Art Association     
2013  Clay Morrison Scholarship       
2012  Dean's Scholarship – School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2012  School of the Art Institute of Chicago Grant
2011  1st - UL Juried Student Exhibition
2006  Congressional Art Competition
        Award of Excellence
        Outstanding Technical Merit


08/2013-Present - Textile Resource Center - School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Research Assistant)
01/2013-Present - School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Teaching Assistant)                 
02/2007- 02/2008 - Acadiana Center for the Arts (Volunteer)