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Real Virtual Blog

   sept 4 2013 12:16 pm los feliz, la   regained faith – a confidence in outcomes – a treasure of unexpected – of visions held fast, but hanging necessarily.   also, new connectors between thoughts: pauses of glimpses / extraneous non-diagetic branching but singularly intended: a meditation in recurring tendencies towards certain things (ways of life: how time is to be spent; where, with whom, and how? coming back repeatedly to some early-formed idea of living; how i would be, an... [more]
Posted by Malado Francine Baldwin on 8/17/14


MY LIFE IN BOOKS © 2014 malado francine baldwin   - Goal: One every two weeks, painting and drawing: multi-media pieces on resurrection, transformation (layers). Poetry-drawings. Borders inside, outside. (It’s from the border where I see from). Sky and earth, others and us, frame and painting (frame as land, insides as earth), horizontal and vertical, writing and drawing… To con­nect: ladders, ropes, tape, voices (conversation), words, trees (families), relationships (between). It’s... [more]
Posted by Malado Francine Baldwin on 3/31/14