Sarvin Haghighi

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Resistance, 2016 Mixed Media On Wood Panel 24 X 24 Inches © Sarvin Haghighi
Whispering Walls, July 2015 Mixed Media Installation 36x36 8" Deep © Sarvin Haghighi
Essence , 2017 Mixed Media On Wood Resin Poured 30 X 30 Inches © Sarvin Haghighi
Bridging The Gap, 2016 Mixed Media On Wood Resin Poured 24 X 24 Inches © Sarvin Haghighi
Another Birth , 2017 Mixed Media On Wood Resin Poured 20 X 20 Inches © Sarvin Haghighi
Passing through Persian Gates, 2016 Mixed Media On Wood Resin Poured 24 X 24 Inches © Sarvin Haghighi
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persia, persian, iranian, iran, mixed-media, modern, exhibition/performance
Tehran to Chicago via Dubai and a husband found at Kilimanjaro...

Born in Iran 1979 in the midst of the Iranian revolution, Sarvin Haghighi experienced both great joys and harsh challenges from an early age. The privilege and independence of her early childhood quickly gave way to war and oppression. To fulfill the human need for self-expression, Sarvin took to art as a young girl.

Forbidden from expressing her thoughts on the streets of Tehran, Sarvin found her unique voiceflowing intuitively through oils and canvas. While working at her easel Sarvin captures cherished childhood memories, honors the timeless traditions of her people, and comments on the social, political, and cultural dimensions of women’s experiences in contemporary Middle Eastern society.

As an adult, Sarvin has become a global citizen, leaving Tehran for Dubai and eventually Chicago. While passion for her Persian roots provides continual inspiration for the young artist, it is her cross-cultural exposure that provides universal subtext to her work. From her beginning as a single censored voice, Sarvin Haghighi’s art now amplifies the powerful voices of many the world over who long for peace and freedom.