Zvetan Mumdgiev

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Very interesting, creative work, excellent performance! I wish you success and inspiration!
Comment by: Galina Gataullina on Tuesday 11/09/10 at 8:13 PM
You have very interesting work. It's like creating a new world:) Thank you for comment:)
Comment by: Natalia Bazowska on Thursday 11/12/09 at 4:06 AM
Hi Zvetan
Thank you for you appreciation. You have an interesting and dynamic way of creating digital artworks. It is good to see another who sees the challenge and the endless possibilities when doing a digital painting.
Comment by: Marsha J. Cohen on Thursday 11/12/09 at 2:34 AM
Hi Zvetan
Comment by: Marsha J. Cohen on Thursday 11/12/09 at 2:30 AM
Hello Zvetan, Greetings from Mumbai, India.While going through the Showcase entries, I came across your multi-media Digital artwork, I found it awesome. I visited your site and found your creations very interesting and unique.Such a kalediscopic colours. I do not qualify as a critic , but I thought I will write a few words. Your digital artworks are well balanced and dynamic. It is very nice to know that renowned artists like you use the advancement in technologies for the betterment of art. My compliments to you. I am basically a painter. I have entered my oil painting ‘Echo Of Eco” rendered in a colouristic abstract style. It is based on the subject that is on everyone’s lips—“Clean& green Environment”. Please find time to visit my site and let me have your comment All the best .Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Thursday 06/18/09 at 7:21 PM