Zvetan Mumdgiev

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wishig well, 2009 Computer Art 70/100 © copyright
Move a mouhtain, 2009 Computer Art 70/100 © copyright
HERE AND THERE, 2008 Computer Art 70/100 © COPYRIGHT
ELEGANT SUITE, 2010 Computer Art 50/70 © COPYRIGHT
AVATAR, 2010 Digital Art 70/100 © COPYRIGHT
AVATARCECO, 2010 Digital Art 70/100 © COPYRIGHT
tribute to my father, 2010 Computer Art Painting 30/40 © COPYRIGHT
from asia, 2010 Computer Art Painting 50/70 © COPYRIGHT
an artjudge, 2010 Computer Art Painting 50/70
az dada, 2010 Computer Art Painting 50/70
master plane, 2010 Computer Art Paintihg 40/50inc. © copyright
To Danu H, 2011 Mixed Media 40/50inc. © copyright
Nice artwork, 2012 Mix Media 40/60 © copyright
Good artwork, 2012 Mix Media 40/60 © copyright
from Plovdiv, 2012 50/60 © copyright
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My tools are the computer and the mouse.My approach is like that of the classical painter.All I do is painting by way of the computer software.I do not use a scanner in my artwork,nor photograps,nor layers or computer generated images.Previously set geometric formulas are not what I LIKE.What I do is creating a work of art with my right hand and with the computer.The computer program is of no importace.I let my self to the emotion and my hand is moved by the feeling of the moment.My fantasy contributes to the the themes I work on:love,erotic ,sex etc.I work on several canvases at the same time.I always go back to a painting and add new brushes.There is always something to add but also somthing superfluos to delete.Always carried with a smile.I find it very important that in my works there is a wink,there is a joke...The sense of humor is the bridge from me to all the people around.I am skeptical to what is showy and ostentatious. My wish is to display my artworks in  galleries and that the people byy them.       ZVETAN MUMDGIEV-CECO

Member of Bulgarian Artists Society and Society of the Bulgarian Architects.
From the 70-s of last century to present day he works in the fields of painting, plastic arts (sculptures), installations, interior design, get-up of books, artistic arrangement of posters, graphic design
He creates art works to personal and particular commissions of famous collectors.
In the field of plastic art Zvetan Mumdgiev realized a number of monuments and memorials in Plovdiv. He organized several museum collections: Plovdiv and Sofia** Museums of Sports, The Armoury Museum – Sofia, The Army Museum Collection – Plovdiv.
As an artist he won several international prizes. He participated in many joint exhibitions and competitions . His artworks are property of several museums and many private collectors.He work as an expert in exibition an museum activities at Plovdiv municipality.

Zvetan Mumgiev - The Soul Of Digital Love

The art works of Zvetan Mumdgiev – Ceco may carry away any spectator in a parallel Universe, where exquisiteness exists hand-in-hand with charm and mysticism. The representation of various styles and technigues is with set purpose – always on the threshold of two world – the real one and the world of dreams; the present and the possible future; the world that everyone can touch and the one that can be “seen” only with the most sacred part of soul.

Delicate enough but also full of vital energy and strength – that is how fine art critics explain the works of Zvetan Mumdgiev. Each one of his pictures can leave the onlooker with the impression that every detail is not only unique but has its own unseen symmetry. The light that penetrates into surrealistic landscapes and pictorial works creates the sensation of weightlessness and internity. Connoisseurs and experts will perceive at once the refined erotic and the cosmic unity with the Creator of the Universe. Probably no one has ever yet drawn anything so penetrating, so keen, anything so sense shaking – as well as the combination of colours and the representation of ideas, creativity and skilfulnes at art software techniques.

Tatiana Beleva

PR-expert and Journalist

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