Dietmar Keilitz

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Blue-Red,Stbl.N1, 2012 Sculpture 100 X 173 X 25 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Blue-Red,Stbl.N3, 2012 Oil On Steel 100 X 179 X 25 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Jl1, 2012 Oil,Oxidation,Gold Leaf On Steel 160 X 244 X 25 Centimeters © Keilitz
Stbl.Jn4, 2011 Oil On Steel 95 X 80 X 15 Centimeters © Keilitz
Stbl.Ma3, 2011 Oil,Gold Leaf On Steel 160 X 248 X 30 Centimeters © Keilitz
Stbl.N5, 2010 Steel Object 149 X 190 X 30 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.N6, 2010 Steel Object 150 X 188 X 30 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Ma1, 2007 Steel Object 100 X 71 X 25 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Ma2, 2007 Steel Object 92 X 74 X 25 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Jn4, 2006 Steel Object 78 X 39 X 15 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Jn3, 2006 Steel Object 76 X 40 X 15 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.Ma1, 2004 Steel Object 123 X 138 X 25 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Karma,Stbl.Ag5, 2000 Steel Object 109 X 150 X 35 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Stbl.N4, 1998 Steel Object 127 X 158 X 20 Centimeters © Dietmar Keilitz
Quick Facts
Silesia, Poland
Birth year
Lives in
near by Kassel (documenta), Germany
Works in
near by Kassel (documenta), Germany
art abstract metal wall objects, steel sculpture, Modern Wall Art, oil, oxidation, gold leaf on steel, expressive abstract paintings, meditative, tempera on cotton, quantisch, sculpture, modern

Keilitz was born in Silesia, Poland in 1944 and grew up in Leipzig. After his flight from East Germany in 1970 he studied science of communication in Munich, Ludwig-Maximilian-University.

At the same time, for further developping  his personality in the free democratic West Germany, he started his studies of art with M.Minde, K.F.Dahmen (Academy of Art, Munich) and later on with Teruko Hiramatsu, Tokyo.

In several art projects with musicians, he shows his relationship to music (Eric Satie, Charles Koechlin, Herbert Henck) and to lyrics too (Octavio Paz, Ernst Meister).

Keilitz has exhibited nationally and internationally (Germany, Warsaw Autumn, Poland, France, Portugal).

Artist Statement

The representation of the ease of the steel with simultaneous inherent strengths in it, and to show this dynamic presence by means of the deformation and colour design, is one of my intentions.

My work approach is integral to the understanding of lifted separation from spirit and matter. Everything is one - one energetic potential, one consciousness.

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