Bryan Kent Ward

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Entheogenic Garden of Eden, No Fruit Forbidden [The Snake that Giveth Knowledge, Delight, Bright Glory, and Stirs the Hearts of Men], 2008 Oil On Canvas 24"X32" © artist
Entheogenic Garden of Eden, No Fruit Forbidden [The Snake that Giveth Knowledge, Delight, Bright Glory, and Stirs the Hearts of Men], 2007 Pen, Ink & Dragon's Blood On Paper 17"X23" © artist
Acsension to Nebula, 2007 Oil On Canvas Board 24"X30" © artist
Energy is the Only Life, 2007 Oil On Canvas Board 24"X30" © artist
Burning womb, Burning City, 2005 Oil On Canvas 24"X32" © artist
These Bombs Are Tears From God, 2007 Pen, Ink & Gauche On Paper 24"X32" © artist
War God Unleashed, 2007 Oil On Masonite Board 16" X 20" © artist
Transformation of an Augmented Soul, 2001 Pen, Ink & Gauche On Paper 24"X30" © artist
The Second Annual METAL Art Show, NOVEMBER 14, 2009
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fantastic, Visonary, mixed-media, landscape, surrealism, traditional, figurative

I currently reside in Seattle with my daughter Kali. My time is spent drawing, painting, creating sounds in a band Black Noise Cannon, experiencing nature and traveling as often as possible. I've been doing visual art since I can remember, influenced by the Surrealists and the discovery of Entheogens at a young age. More recently finding an affiliation with the ongoing and ever burgeoning Fantastic/Visionary art movement, through this I have been making connections and expanding my horizons.

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by the fantastic, surreal, the strange and the weird, and also have been drawn to the shadow side of expressing myself. In my work I have a tendency to visualize death and darkness, sometimes obvious, other times more subtle. I feel I try to capture the duality of this existence, the paradox of love and hate, light and dark. I feel with some of my darker work I am drawing and painting the beauty of a lamentation. For me this includes the mourning but without the regret: that sorrow, sadness, suffering and tears should be embraced as a part of a beautiful human experience and not be wholly shunned. This process in creating my art is transformative, and reflects an evolution towards something within and yet beyond myself. I think through my art I am trying to communicate my experience to others, and I have some kind of need to express this "beauty in lamentation."

As for any absolute meaning in my work I think the power of visual art is that it's open to the individual's interpretation. Question what you see, consider what you don't, draw your own conclusions.

~ BKWard 2008

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