Phillip Herrold

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Sanctuary , 2012 Oil Paint 2 24x48 On Canvas © 2013
City Showers, 2013 Oils 24x36 © All rights reserved to Phillip Herrold
Dust to Dust, 2012 Oils 24x30 © copyrighted to Phillip Herrold 2013
Fierce , 2011 Oils 48x48 © copyrighted to Phillip Herrold 2013
Fury, 2011 Oils 24x48 © copyrighted to Phillip Herrold 2013 | SOLD
Rebirth, 2012 Oils 24x48 © copyrighted to Phillip Herrold 2013 | SOLD
Quick Facts
mixed-media, surrealism, modern, design
Artist Statement

The world surrounding us is full of endless opportunities and visions that can unexpectedly captivate my attention and inspiration for a painting at any moment in time, for which I must be prepared.  Whether it’s an object, conversation, or an overwhelming feeling, I immediately collect my ideas and sketches in a notepad.  A sketch is drawn out.  A myriad of possibly changing shades and colors are roughly placed on the canvas. The final colors, textures, and blends make the finishing touches.

Art, for me, is a way I can express challenging feelings that are otherwise hard to approach.  In my work, I hope to create pieces that allow others to do the same as they personally connect with my work from the context of their own lives.

Art, for me, is also I way I can express my creativity in an individual and unique way, simply from the ebb & flow of my own paintbrush, not necessarily in response to any outside influences.

Art, for me, is a chance to challenge myself through my choice of paintings and mediums to pursue my growth as an artist.

Art, for me, is a way that I can create something that sets me apart and leaves behind pieces of my story and me.