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Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1975, BFA
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writing, multi-discipline, oil on canvas painting, expressive realism, figurative, sculpture
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Born in New Zealand in December 1952, Raymond Jennings began painting and exhibiting at the age of twelve. Two years later his work featured in a nationwide Society of Arts touring exhibition. Raymond also painted a 20m mural inside Kamo High School library, Whangarei.
He studied at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University graduating in 1975.
Raymond’s lively career has seen him exhibit in numerous solo and group shows throughout New Zealand, in the USA and Singapore. He has produced large-scale commissions for business, private and corporate clients, for the Peninsula/Excelsior Hotel in central Singapore, and also monumental stage sets for the New Zealand Wearable Arts Shows.
Raymond is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in painting, but also in sculpture extending into architectural design; with a new development being the creation of children’s picture story books.
His work carries a positive dynamic energy . . . with expert colour combinations, light and dark contrast, a strong sense of form and movement, together with an expansive multi-dimensional spatial understanding; generated by an inspiration that is both worldly and universal.
My current line of work is the exploration of human interiors . . . as expressions of human psychology and the historically varied styles of architectural design, both structurally and as surface adornment, that also is full of human symbolism.
My paintings, drawings and sculpture are a positive expression of our world in form and colour, motion and character, radiance, and depth, with the energies of universal inspiration.
The inspiration for my architectural interiors come through my process of living, discovering new people and places, as well as purposely searching for and enquiring after particular kinds of interiors – for example . . . the New Zealand bach or beach-house.
Also, any pictorial form, such as books and magazine can occasionally stand out as a significant subject for expression.
I will continue to explore human-living interiors as portraits of the people living in them. I allow my direction to develop naturally without forcing it prematurely into new possibilities, but I do see a bolder and even more decisive and powerful approach coming, with more imaginative colour combinations and the introduction of other elements plus the changing of the architectural structure.
Exploring the various functional forms of home architecture and their various historical styles and ideas as places still lived in within our contemporary world.
A theatrical childhood, with both parents acting and producing plays, my father also being an eccentric physics teacher, and a family friend being a prominent architect, all, introduced me to creative expression.
Then, being introduced to oil painting on canvas at age eleven, with exhibitions and sales of work soon after confirmed my direction as an artist.
Throughout my life a great variety of adventures including long distance cycling tours and mountain hiking, and places lived in, have developed and maintained my expansive and positive imagination and energy.
Challenging projects offered to me, and consistently strong responses from galleries have all supported me in my creative endeavour.’

Works are held in private and public collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Represented by . . . Auckland Auckland, Wellington

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