Jason Grawey

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Galesburg, Illinois
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sculpture, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, photo


My current direction of work

"Staring at Life"

a study of pause and observation. 


The study took place among a space I've created from found objects. The materials used primarily glass, wood, and metal. This space represents the organic world we are part of, yet often finding ourselves apart from.

Seemingly, society as a sum leads a search for individuality, leading into the shadows. All the while our true identities are plainly lit, right before our eyes.


I am a self taught photographer. Since a young child I have been captivated by self expression through a visual format. The rural landscape of my hometown rendered an isolated setting pivotal in my development and initial interest in photography. I found the lure of the lens richly afforded a creative diversion I could focus on. 


Nevertheless, my photography was put on a shelf for a time while I explored a vocation in the medical field. After moving to Maryland near Washington DC I became a paramedic firefighter. Naturally this led to securing a position in the Emergency Department of the George Washington University Hospital. Undeniably my survey in medicine influenced my perspective on human behavior and interaction on so many levels. 


Above all, medicine has taught me we are creatures existing for a brief moment in time. Though I feel it is important to keep moving attaining our goals and aspirations. Equally important is serial pause for purposeful contemplation. Re-focus, discover, define, refine and enjoy. Most importantly share that joy with the ones you love.


The focus of this series

Recording my observations of our world but aimed at the dimly lit corners we rarely take the time to peer into. The spaces of silence and peace. They are all around us yet have no chance of gaining our attention. Unmeasurable compared to the barrage of technology and commercial activity seeking our attention.