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Designation Result, 2014 Paper, Ink And Adhesive 48 X 48 X 11.5 Inches
Designation Result, 2014 Paper, Ink And Adhesive 122 X 122 X 29 Centimeters
Kiss, 2014 Paper, Ink And Adhesive 80 X 33 X 8 Inches
Kiss, 2014 Paper, Ink And Adhesive 204 X82 X20 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 1, 2014 Ink On Paper 180 X97 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 8, 2014 Ink On Paper 128 X95 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 10, 2014 Ink On Paper 119 X89 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 4, 2014 Ink On Paper 128 X95 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 9, 2014 Ink On Paper 70 X99 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 2, 2014 Ink On Paper 97 X180 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light No. 5, 2014 Ink On Paper 97 X180 Cm
Virtual Universe of Light - Light Spectrum, 2014 Ink On Paper 97 X180 Cm
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Quick Facts
Gansu, China
Birth year
Lives in
Brooklyn, New York
Works in
Brooklyn, New York
yaohai, yao hai, yaohaiart, chinese ink, Chinese artist, Chinese contemporary art, painting, installation, ink, paper, modern
Chinese Artist Yao Hai  //  instagram@yaohaiart 

Yao Hai is a visual artist born in Gansu, China. He now resides in Brooklyn, New York

My works are to explore the forgotten and neglected lines of everyday life. I pull lines from a space or objects that surround us, personify them and give them soul and energy to traverse any time and space. My objective is to establish an ideology of awakening from everyday encounters, from the appearance of lines and forms into the realm of unknown. Such dimension of thinking spans across different levels of macro and micro world. This is an unusual exploration to challenge the society to our imagination.

My Chinese origin as well as my passions for Eastern philosophy and Zen philosophy play a vital role in my art. My works encourage viewers to explore the ordinary objects we encounter in everyday life from a new perspective and seek a new existence. Attempting to imagine the unimaginable, see the unseen, viewers can engage in introspecting their daily ignorance of art practice. I think that the charm of nature is concealed within unmindful things and changes.

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