Vojtech Mica

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Budka II.Kiosk II., 2010 Beton/Concrete 230 X 110 X 110 © Vojtech Mica
Teddy "cat" II. (series Sentimental), 2010 -13 Glassconcrete 165 X 170 X 150 Cm © Vojtech Mica
BUNKER (series DELIKATE PREFABRIKATS), 2006 Concrete/Glassconcrete 600 X 360 X 240 Cm © Vojtech Mica
DECONSTRUCT - QUOIN FIGURE, 2005 - 6 Glassconcrete 220x 120 X 120 Cm © Vojtech Mica
Landscape - 1979, 2013 Sandstone 220 X 140 X 150 Cm © Vojtech mica
Bilboard (Princesses in milk) BOX I , 2000-2006 Bilboard (Princezny V Mlíku Paintings By Jiří Petrbok) Iron,Polyester Resin Glass, Digitisk On Rubber Blanket, Fluorescent Lamp, Halide Lamp 328 X 384 X 140 Cm © Mica Petrbok
Struktura, 2013 Drawing Mixed Medium 23,39 X 16,54 X Inches © mica
Struktura, 2013 Drawing Mixed Medium 23,39 X 16,54 Inches © mica
objem/extent, 2011 Drawing Mixed Medium 16,54 X 11,69 Inches © mica
objem/extent, 2013 Drawing Mixed Medium 23,39 X 33,11 © mica
Rozcestník/Directory, 2013 Drawing Mixed Medium 46,81 X 33,11 Inches
Object-Subject , 2014 Acrystal, Hardboard 160 X 130 X 110 Centimeters © Vojtech Mica
Objekt II , 2010 Beton Umakart 130 X 80 X 90cm © Vojtech Mica
Osobní záležitost II, 2004 železo, Pozink, Pletivo, Beton 420 × 420 × 35 Cm © Vojtech Mica
Budka-Kiosk, 2008 Concrete Glass Iron 230 X 110 X 110cm © Vojtech Mica
Diminutive work - Strange coincidences, 2013 Glassconcrete 90 X 60 X 60 Centimeters © Vojtech Mica
Sentiment, 2013 Concrete, 30 X 30 X 33 Centimeters © mica
Rosette, 2014 Drawing Mixed Medium 91 X 66 Centimeters © mica
Rozeta/rosette, 2015 Mixed Medium á 160x160cm © mica
Vojtech Mica © mica
Rozeta/rosette, 2015 Acrystal 150x150x20 Cm © mica
Up the Hill , 2016 Concrete/Glassconcrete 160 X 100 X 90 Centimeters © mica
Up the Hill III., 2016 Concrete © mica
Frames , gesture, situation, 2017
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Prague, Czech republic
Works in
Prague, Czech republic
Academy of Fine Arts Prague, 1993, Mgr

I oscillate around sculpturing expression all the time, for myself feeling the need to approach this pure and clean phenomenon. Similar to other forms of fine arts as they come about nowadays, including the blurred boundaries between them (some call them permeable confines), sculpture, too, does not require any special treatment, any protection from “loss of value”. The feeling which I have now and then, urging me to redefine and once again resharpen the boundaries of the field I am dealing with, probably stems from the tornado that swept through the world of sculpture, formerly established as one of the pillars of fine arts, mainly in the past century most of all. The paradigm may have changed; the change in the essence of a sculpture has most probably not, however.

I am an author of visually ambivalent objects – sometimes, it is an organic sculpture, another time, it may be a conceptual installation. However, I believe that this never fully and precisely defines or classifies the things that I do. This is of no importance, though. They are my advance sensors, haptic objects which inspect and feel the limits of my body, of my space, of this multiple barrier present within me and outside of me. I am passionate about knowing what it looks like outside, both within me and off me. Anyway, this clear vision which I have from time to time, becomes speedily as disordered and chaotic as everything which has whizzed around me so far, as everything I do, how I feel. These are logical parts of the chaos. Of my chaos.

My work consists of parallel, seemingly disparate lines, which collide one with another and complement each other. Despite first sight, everything faces the certain defining of my sculpture form. I compose the space and the space forms me, myself. The seeming serenity of one form is the exact print of the Dionysian pole of another form. The viewer himself is forced to find a relation to the presented shape-realization, as I myself must find. I see things clearly only after I have articulated them.

I use ordinary materials, not special in any way, clearly categorized from our everyday point of view. I touch them, form them, and insert them into clear and common relations, proportions, stories which turn grey as soon as I leave them. Indolent communicators, objects waiting to be touched.

I keep on assuring myself that it is I who is touching.



born 11. ledna 1966 in Prague 


1985 - 92   Academy of fine Arts in Prague - Studio - Sculpture (MgrA)

1991          Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe (Germany) - studio of Otto Herbert Hajek

1993 -        lecturer in sculpture studio II. Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Solo exhibitions

2014   Formátování/Formatting  DUM gallery / Benedictine abbey st.Venceslav - Broumov / Czech republic /

2011    Drobná práce//Small-scale everyday work - with E.Dolejsi - gallery Jelení  Praha

2010    Dvojitý agent/Double agent - (with J. Petrbok) gallery Cesar, kurátor Petr Vanous  Olomouc

2010    Ztížená možnost soustředění /The Increased Difficulty of Concentration, Municipal gallery Sokolská 26 Ostrava, kurátor Milan Weber  Ostrava

2010    Lipavsky/ Mica  Obvyklí pritomní/Habitually present  Municipal gallery/Dům umění města Brna - gallery G99  Brno 

2009    Sochy do barokní niky/statues in the baroque niche (D.Pesta) bývalá jezuitská kolej  Klatovy

2004-05  Kruhový objezd/Rotary  gallery Kai de Kai   Praha

2001    INNOCENTI URBAN WEAR (J.Petrbok) gallery Univerzal NoD   Praha

1995    SKYLLAS STRAIT gallery  AVU (I.Juzova)  Praha

1994    gallery U PRSTENU  Praha

Group shows

2013    Contemporary visions IV. - Beers Contemporary  London      UK

2011    Fundamenty a sedimenty -  Municipal gallery GHMP Praha  Praha

2011    Artbanka - MOYA Praha  Praha

2009    Sculpture by the sea 2009   -  Sydney  Australia

2009    Sculpture inside - Sydney  Australia

2008    Artphone 2008 - Prazská kampa  Praha

2008    Nic na odiv 2008 – Praha , Kateřinská zahrada  Praha

2008    Seník 2008, farma Hlubocec  Hlubocec

2008    Brno Art open 2008 – sochy v ulicích (with J.Petrbok)  Brno

2008    @IKON New brave world  - Praha Mánes  Cz   

2007   AVU Praha  - Veletržní palác  NG Praha  Cz

2007    Lustro Natury Arsenal Wroclaw  Poland

2006    studio of Aleš Veselý -  Opava municipal gallery  Czech r.

2006    Sculpture grande / Prague  /Něžné prefabrikáty- with J.Petrbokem,P.Vanousem   Cz

2005    Socha a objekt X. Bratislava  Slovakia

2005    Nic na odiv - Kateřinky Praha  Czech r.

2005    Klenová, Contact - symposium vysokých uměleckých škol

2004   Wortnerův dům, AJG, Škola monument. tvorby prof. A. Veselého,   Č. Budějovice

2004   Nic na odiv - Kateřinky Prague  Czech rep. 

2004   Lauenstein  Germany

2002   Klement/Au  Austria  Austria

2001  Neue Anfänge – Brémy  Ger.

          Markneukirchen – dřevo (Německo)  Ger.

1999  Neplánované spojení  - Praha  Mánes  Cz.


1997  INTERNATIONAL 97 Socrates sculpture park, New York    USA

1996  SVÁROV 96, Svárov,  Cz. 

1995 - 96 SAMETTIVALLANKUMOUKSEN JALKEEN  Oulu, Helsinki  Finland

1994  AVU a UMPRUM, Kunstmuzeum Dusseldorf  Germany

1993  POST SECURITY, Gallery 5020 Salzburg  Austria

         ATELIÉR H. Demartiniho, gallery Médium Bratislava  Slovakia

         G -SELECTION, Dom Umenia Bratislava  Slovakia

         BUDAPEST GALERIA, Budapest  Hungary

1992  GERMINATIONS 7, European biennale of young artists,

          National Centrum for Contemporary art - MAGASIN Grenoble  France

          KONTAKTE-KONTAKTY 92, Kunstmuzeum Regensburg  Germany

1991  STIPENDIATEN von Daimler-Benz, Karlsruhe  Germany

          SETKÁNÍ, Černínský palác Prague  Czechoslo.

          ERBE UND ZUKUNFT, symposium sculpture in Ellwangen  Germany

1990 ART HAMBURG,  Germany

         AVU,with students Academy of Fine Arts Wien  Austria

1990 ART PARTY, Národní třída Prague  Czechoslo.

1989 KONFRONTACE Svárov  Czechoslo.


2004  UCLM, Faculty of Fine Arts, Cuenca,  Spain

2003  competition - memorial of III. resistance Prague  3th.prize  Prague

2003  Academy of Fine Arts, HAGUE  Holand

1996  Stipendium J. a M. Jelínek,  Switzerland

1998  Rheinland-Pfalz Stipendien  Germany

1998  Sculpture space - Utica NY  USA

1995  Artslink Residencies -  Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio   USA

1992  Germinations 7, European biennale of  young artists, Grenoble, workshop in Grenoble,         

          Belgium stipendium, France

1991  Stipendien DAIMLER-BENZ  Karlsruhe studio O.H.Hajek  Germany

1991  SWISS research Zurich  Switzerland

1990  ITALY research  Perugia   Italy

1992  prize of European biennale of young artists Grenoble, with Imrová, Ondák, Jůzová   France

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