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High Task Frequency curated by Janet Levy, 2011
Standard Deviation curated by Janet Levy, 2010
The Golden Veil (Et in Arcadia...) curated by Janet Levy, 2010
The Golden Veil (Et in Arcadia...) curated by Janet Levy (detail), 2010
Arctic Wave: Big Breakwater curated by Janet Levy, 2010
Arctic Wave: Big Breakwater curated by Janet Levy (detail), 2010
The Gray Room curated by Janet Levy, 2010
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
artist, sculptor, curator, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, exhibition/performance

Janet Levy is an independent curator and artist. A Los Angeles native, Levy was immersed in the arts from an early age; she went on to earn a photography degree and later studied sculpture at the Schule für Gestaltung in Basel. In 1996, Levy launched her curatorial practice with an exhibition in Luzurn, Switzerland. Levy is an innovative thinker with a history of transforming bold ideas into exhilarating visual experiences and devising custom curatorial approaches that bring out the best in any artistic situation; to do so, she draws on a diverse artistic background that includes seven years as an advertising director for a lifestyle magazine as well as her extensive experience curating architectural projects, art panels, dance productions, and numerous other artistic programs.

Janet Levy Projects offers a visionary format for curating, creating, and presenting contemporary art. By translating the values and aesthetics developed by Janet Levy at See Line Gallery into a flexible curatorial platform, Janet Levy Projects collaborates with public and private institutions, including internationally known brands, on special exhibitions and events. In addition to consulting for corporate and individual collectors, Janet Levy Projects specializes in producing innovative cultural arts programming in a variety of settings, enlivening the traditional gallery experience through a more expansive approach to art.

Founded in 2006 by curator and artist Janet Levy, See Line Gallery was an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of exceptional contemporary artists. Over the course of its history, See Line Gallery presented more than forty extraordinary exhibitions and projects distinguished by their dynamic curatorial themes, highlighting renowned national and international artists and establishing numerous emerging artists' careers. Originally located in Santa Monica (2006-2009) before moving to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood (2009-2014), See Line Gallery has since evolved into the wider-ranging Janet Levy Projects, which will continue to produce outstanding projects and exhibitions.