Barbara Kelley

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Distant Journeys, 2008 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © C2008
Maple Moon, 2009 Monoprint 39 X 32 © C2010
Southwest Storm, January 23, 2011 Encaustic
Ethereal, March 6, 2011 Oil On Panel 8 X 8 © C2010
Time Lapse 2, 2011 Oil On Canvas 48h X 24w © C2011B.Kelley
Copper Moon, 2010 Monoprint 30h X 24w © C2010B.Kelley
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Moon Catcher Studio
OilPaintings.Encaustic, semi-abstract, printmaking, monotype, asian, nature, ocean, Sky, landscape, modern
Barbara Kelley
Barbara Kelley was born to a couple who survived World War II, moved to the territory of Alaska, built a log cabin by hand and began a family. The firstborn slept in the top drawer of the dresser ~ a rather unique bassinet. 

It started with that small cabin, with one light, and no indoor water. When the water was piped to the kitchen, it was the winter that the ground and waterline froze. Her dad raised the wooden floor in a closet and dug a well for indoor water. The pioneer philosophy is an integral part of her creative process. New frontiers, experimentation and exploration are evident in her paintings and prints. 

When Barbara cranks the star-wheel of her 1380-pound etching press to create an original print, the feeling of the mechanical movements are reminiscent of a thousand year old device designed to make permanent impressions on paper, cloth and clay, to express visual language, composed with imagery. 

Located about 2 hours north of San Francisco, California, in Sonoma County’s scenic Sea Ranch community, the Moon Catcher Studio is just a few hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean. She also creates oil and encaustic paintings and prints in her second studio, located in the heart of the Sonoma County wine country. These environments provide tranquil settings for creative endeavors.  See works at: