Sherry Wacker

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The Material 90's, 2011 Airbrushed Painting On 1990 Corvette Rear End 64"W 24"H 7"D © 2011
Imagine, 2010 Airbrush On 1968 Volkswagen Rear Deck Lid With Beatles White Album 37" X 41" X 12" Inches © 2010
Drive In Magic, 2011 1955 Chevy Steering Wheel On 48” By 38” Steel Panel With Airbrush Painting And Clear Coag\T 36" W X 48"H © 2011
Wild Horse, 2010 1964 Mustang Grill Emblem On Airbrushed Steel Sheet With Rope Frame 38 X 48 X 6 Inches © 2010
The Corvette and the Man on the Moon, 2010 Acrylic On Car Hood 61 X 46 Inches © 2010
Leo Rules the Night, 2010 69 Camaro Door 49 With Mirror, Door Handle, Lock And Rabbits Foot Key Chain For Good Luck. Airbrush Painting And Clear Coat. 26 X 49 X 5 Inches © 2010
Tinkering Around, 2011 Plastic, Antique Toys 11" Height 6" Width © 2011
Airstream Dreams, 2011 Plastic Resin And Vintage Objects From The 50's 17 X 15 X 15 Inches © 2011
Atomic Bomb, UN, Major League, 2011 Plastic, Photos On Transparencies, Antique Items 12" Height 8" Width
Highest Standard of LIving, 2011 Plastic, Antique Objects, Photos On Transparencies 12" Height 6" Wide © 2011
Imagine 1968 Volkswagen Rear Deck Lid With Beatles White Album 41’W 37’H Airbrushed Painting And Clear Coat 37 X 41 Inches © Sherry Wacker
Wild Horse 1964 Mustang Grill Emblem On 48” By 38” Steel Sheet With Rope Frame. Airbrush Painting With Clear Coat. 38 X 48 Inches © Sherry Wacker
The Material 90's, 2011 Airbrushed Painting On 1990 Corvette Rear End 64"W 24"H 7"D © Sherry Wacker
Oh Lord! Steel Panel 30”W 30”H With Mercedes Benz Emblem And 1960’S Fringe Jacket, Airbrushed Painting And Clear Coat 30 X 30 Inches © Sherry Wacker
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Artist Statement

Horsepowered Memories, airbrushed images combined with car parts, is my latest series. These works are about the decades of the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials. The goal of these pieces is to make us feel exploded with the memories of our past and then to think about how these events relate to what we have become. That is where cars came to mind as a vehicle to take us there. Start with personal memories ignited by an old car, add a painting and they are expanded to a larger history that we tend to forget. 

The internet is my resource both for historical research and to find the objects from the past to incorporate into the pieces. Being an eBay junkie for about 6 months supplied me with the materials used in this multimedia series. The composition is designed on the computer before airbrushing the work. 


I was fortunate to receive training at some excellent schools starting with the Maryland Institute of Art at the age of eight. I graduated from the University of Maryland, then became a teacher practicing my theory that success in art carries into other areas of learning.  My formal education culminated in getting a MS in Technical Education at Cal State East Bay.

As a fine art teacher for York College PA, I learned computer skills to bring my students into an employable space in the job market. This coincided with a turn in my life that created a need for better income and health care which led to computer gaming, making the screens for the first Monday Night Football PC Game for ABC. Learning to do web design with the help of some generous programers at that company led me to California as the first web designer for Kaiser Permanente.

I showed in galleries in Baltimore, Georgetown, Harrisburg, and Annapolis, illustrated magazine covers and ads for newspapers in Washington, Baltimore, Gettysburg and Harrisburg and also did illustration for various New York publishers while represented by SI International.