Vix Walker

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Quick Facts
Parsons School of Design, Photography
Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, Culture and Media
photoshop, Film photography, filmmaking, cinematic arts, photoshop mixed-media, reappropriation, mixed-media, video-art, conceptual, photography, digital, photo

Being a young artist, I aspire to discover myself through my work. I prefer to work by experimenting with a breadth of genres in photography and videography as find my unique and personal artistic voice. Since I started college much of my work has talked about the experience of growing up. This theme emerged increasingly in my Parsons assignments and I began formally exploring it as one of the final projects that concluded my freshman year. I've made pieces aiming to gain insight into and express how my own experiences have shaped who I am today while simultaneously asking myself who I want to be. As I continue to organize these thoughts through visual media, I seek to determine my identity as a creator and as an individual.